Envato Studio

The Envato Studio

Microlancer to Envato Studio in 12 month of Layla Foord, GM Envato Studio, singer, mother. A little over a year ago, our chief executive Collis asked me to put together a track crew to build a new Envato website where folks can do small digitial tasks very quickly. Emphasis should be placed on pre-configured designservices, with up-front prices and shipping, and the name should be Microlancer.

We' ve developed for our community based talents community utilities to better administer their job, and added confidence signs to help shoppers find the right talents. The Envato Studio. Ninety-nine percent of Envato Studio's clients haven't even been there. No more Microlancer is a great, unforgettable name and we like our old logotype - it's great and it helps us feel more at home expressing our personalities.

Envato is already great Envato has been going on for nearly eight years, has million of members and is a strong creative group. This new name clearly underlines Envato's commitment to its fellowship, shared beliefs and core beliefs. That can be a great start, in fact it is what Envato itself is.

Rather, we saw the possibility of giving an overview of how our products work and using Envato at the same time. We didn't want two invented surnames to be explained - Envato and the new one. We only thought of Studio or The Studio, but there are thousand of brands worldwide listed for Studio varieties that we can hardly own.

Owning a name is important so that you can keep it safe from anyone trying to manipulate your site in the future. What is important is that you have a name that you can use to help your website. While we will have some short-term drawbacks from the change of domains, we will eventually be able to make better use of a unique surname for everything from our own unique search engine (SEO) to the technological advantages of our unique sign-on system.

It is an invest in the site's bright prospects and our capacity to add value to our talent community. The studio is a place where humans come together to make things. We already have a wide variety of Envato Studio service offerings, from logodesign to full website construction.

With more and more great individuals joining our talent communities, we look forward to creating a wider and wider spectrum of opportunities. Since it' s our anniversary, we take the chance not only to update our name, but also to put in some great things: In Envato Studio, our gifted fellowship of hand-picked designer, developer and producer makes fine things.

Creation of all types of packed and customized service from logo design to business cards, WordPress customization, e-commerce and mobile applications. At Envato Studio, we have an astonishing talent base, and here at headquarters, we have a great staff of employees to help and develop this base. We' re launching the support and review group to be updated and reactivated as a Studio Ops group, with Studio Liaisons included.

The development of the teams is reflected in this. And we want them to be more connected to our astonishing fellowship. It is their responsibility to find great talents and then, through hands-on guidance and input, help them handle grievances and disagreements efficiently and help our purchasers make sure they get the work and performance they promise.

Although we are constantly reviewing and studying, we want our customers to be sure that it is a fully operational business supported by Envato. While you can still count on the same degree of continuous improvements as before, we always welcome your comments and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.

I would like to take this chance to thank each and every one of our talent communities and purchasers for their support so far. Hopefully you'll like Envato Studio as much as you do Microlancer.

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