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Saying that Envato has extensive experience in managing extensive customer support is an understatement! User Support Ticket System from Envatoviwebtech Usage, by you or a customer, in a unique end result for which no cost is incurred by the end user. Included in the overall amount are the article cost and a buyer's commission. Usage, by you or a customer, in a unique end products for which end customers can be billed. Included in the overall amount are the article cost and a buyer's commission.

Support is what? Prices are quoted in US Dollar.

We need the help desk to expand with us.

In 2006 Envato launched a basic idea: to help individuals make money and study betterplace. The Envato are the individuals behind several on-line locations where hundred thousand of individuals deal daily with digitized goods and contents, as well as a web of education blogging used by million of individuals to acquire creativity and technological abilities.

You' ve probably already learnt of many of Envato's goals: Saying that Envato has extensive expertise in the management of extensive client support is an understatement! Your customers will be able to benefit from Envato's extensive expertise. "First, client support requests were sent directly to the CEO's e-mail in-box because a business that evolved into the Alexa Top 1000 didn't stay scaleable for long," says Jordan.

Envato recognized the need for an effective yet easy-to-use support system that would meet the needs of the fast expanding user and author communities, and initially attempted to build its own Help desk, but soon recognized that their effort could be reduced by introducing a sophisticated and trusted Help Desktop solution that would address all facets of their businesses as well as the needs of their communities.

"Client support is one of our key interaction with a key demographics of our locations, our purchasers and our clients. It' s so important for us to make sure that we do our best to keep up with the problems of our fellowship and that we do our best to give them the best possible experiences.

It is one of our most important differentiators from our competitors," Jordan commented. Envato paid particular attention to versatility when selecting a help desk. As Jordan says, "We needed a help desk that could offer high levels of agility and added value to the number of agencies that could use the system. It took a large number of people to get into our system.

Support includes finance transaction, purchase of technical assets, subscription to technical services and general support. They had found the most agile way to reach their target audiences - clients, shoppers and other members of the industry using a central system to administer all support. A central mailbox allows all members of the support teams to see and answer each support pass and nothing is lock away or forgotten.

"The division of the effort between the employees via a common incoming mail and the ticketing allocation function as well as the ticketing parking possibilities gave us great flexibility in delegating tasks. "Ticketing prevention and postal parsing policies have enabled us to send certain ticketing models to the right recipients within the organization via the help desk on the basis of information specifically provided, and to conceal non-relevant ticketing from employees for whom this information is not relevant alongside other applications.

"Previously, support personnel passed e-mails that were not relevant to our support organization to our support center or other parts of the organization by hand, wasteing their valuable resources and slowing a response. We save money and increase client contentment by being able to provide more immediate results. And as the number of communities grows to 1 million, every single minutes you save gives the entire organization more free rein to concentrate on providing world-class support.

We were able to use the system in such a way that other support vendors were not able to use it," Jordan sums up. We are very happy with Envato's help desk and we are delighted to be their support partner on an excitement to grow, with no sign of any slowdown.

You can find @envato on Twitter or learn more about their community and goals on their website envato.com.

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