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You will not find any information on this page. Learn why you should connect your Envato Market account to provide your customers with a one-click solution that allows them to review their purchases before they submit a ticket. Where can I send a support ticket to envato-Support?

Hello everyone, I have a little problem here, I want to modify the categorie for my article, so I have to hand in a support ticket but I don't know how? I' ve been to support.envato.com 11, but I haven't found anything useful. Hello, I have a query about less grids. When I look at my profiles, I don't see it in my downloaded files. Suppose it was packed with a topic. I want to have a trial copy of this plug-in if it does exist, and directions on how to substitute my current plug-in, then please show me where to post my query. Please keep in mind the envato help support centre links in this threads don't work.

Helpdesks for Envato writers, contractors and more.

Personal ticket are only between you and your clients, but open ticket are like using an on-line board - anyone can see and answer them! Part of the support weight is relieved and placed in the capable hand of the aid workers. Join your Envato Store to give your clients a one-click shop that allows them to review their shopping before they buy a ticket.

Easy Digital downloads also support purchasing reviews. E-mail alerts are sent for each new ticket and each new response. Local notification field shows them along with ticket allocations, comments, new memos, important alerts and more. Their support staff and clients also have the ability to overwrite this preference from their profiles.

Any comments can be "liked" by both the support staff and your clients, which is a great way to say "thank you". A few default amoticons are also included.

Support policies of Envato Hosted - Envato Hosted Services

Provides support for your Envato Hosting installation, web space and WordPress. In addition, when you buy a package of themes, we also provide support for your chosen themes for the length of your subscriptions. A lot of harbored queries can be solved by looking here for an answers in our help center.

When you have the support icon in your WordPress administrator, you can ask him for a workaround. The following is a step-by-step summary of our support coverage, which includes our latest support, as well as our special support for clients who have bought a special Envato Hot Topic Support Bundle.

We take as part of your Envato Hosted accounts: In addition, our Hosted Support can help you with problems related to the following topics: After you purchase a standalone hosting subscription, article support for your WordPress topic will be provided by the topic writer in accordance with our Envato Items Support policy.

If you have bought a Hosted Theme Package, you can contact our themed support staff to obtain support for your chosen topic, as described below: WordPress professionals have vast WordPress expertise and can provide answers to most common WordPress queries. In addition, our hosted themed support can help you with the following questions:

When you believe you have found an error or malfunction in your Theme Hosted, please notify us. Subjects can contain third-party functions or topics from other writers, such as slide controls or contacts. If something is not right with the topic and you expect an upgrade, it can take several days/weeks, according to the kind of upgrade, until it has been repaired, tested, checked and released correctly.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help with the application of topic upgrades or problems resulting from the application of them. Bundles of plug-ins in some topics, such as Revolution Slider, LayerSlider and Visual Composer, will be upgraded as part of your topic upgrade and will give you an issue if you try to upgrade them later.

For more information, see How do I enable packaged plug-ins? for more information. Support of items for non-hosted topics: Will do our best to respond to common queries on topics you buy separate and deploy to your Hosted area. Support related to troubleshooting, adaptation, or packaged plug-ins, however, should be addressed to the topic writer to obtain article support for any topic bought outside our Hosted Theme Package offerings.

Topic support does not involve developing support for modifying or extending the topic beyond the initial functions, styles, and functions described on the topic page. If you need adaptation support to help you customize the topic to your needs, we suggest that you contact the topic's creator to see if they provide private fee-based adaptation support or visit the major Envato Studio supporters.

If required, we can assist you with the design of the topic through available features, demonstrations and builder. Support is provided for third parties plug-ins and topics that are not hosted. Also, we will work directly with plug-in and topic creators for Envato market selling Envato software to help us pinpoint and solve problems that may be created by a clash between their plug-in and the way our software works.

Problems with WordPress features, errors and conflict with WordPress, plug-ins from the WordPress Repository or a website outside Envato Market or your customized source are not covered by our support area. WordPress.org forums are the right way to get support for free plug-ins and topics. If you have any problems or queries regarding these plug-ins, we also suggest that you contact the author of your CodeCanyon purchased plug-ins via the Support page on the plug-ins page.

When you experience ultra sluggish loading time on your website or WordPress administrator, please see how you can optimise your WordPress site speeds to include all databases with your website before you contact us to notify a sluggish performer. You can find great tips for using WordPress Web site for WordPress Web site optimization.

Please address your topic-related queries and problems to us for each topic that is part of a hosted topic pack. If necessary, we will include the writer in your name; please be aware that you may not be able to submit your acquisition to thematic authors' boards or Web sites. We can be contacted from anywhere you see the support icon in your WordPress installation (only you can see it), or via Get Help below.

Entire support is managed through our Ticket-to-Email system by a global expert panel to provide clarification, precision, prioritization and transparency to our entire staff for the best possible support. Therefore we currently do not provide telephone support.

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