Envato Theme Market

The Envato Theme Market

State of the eCommerce theme market eThemeForest writer eTheme looks at the state of the eCommerce theme market and what writers should do to tackle it in 2017. I have been on the Envato market for five years now and have specialized in e-commerce topics (Magento, Opencart, Shopify, Prestashop, osCommerce, Cs-Cart, etc.), but lately, at least on themmeForest, it has become more and more difficult to do so.

So what is the market heading in, who are its leading figures, and what should theme makers do to secure their futures in a market like ThemeForest? In terms of revenue, Shopify is the market leading provider in this area with 34%. Magento is the market leading company with 47.7% of the funds made. Both Opencart and Prestashop are at the bottom of these listings.

This was the picture of two years ago, in August 2014, of unit shipments in this group. On the eCommerce market, the market is the same as two years ago - $50K. Two years ago Magento was the biggest market in terms of turnover. Now Shopify has become the market leading company.

Magento is still the market maker in the market for making cash because the cost of Magento is the highest. However, Magento is in a downtrend in comparison to Shopify. Both Opencart and Prestashop are loosing revenue and cash. You can also view Google Trends stats for the above shopping baskets (Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop).

Since 2010, the eCommerce market has been in an upswing. Possibly the eCommerce market could have reached its full capacity in comparison to 6-7 years ago. Inter-carriage rivalry (CMS) complicates the process for all market players and it is very important to maintain a good equilibrium between technology and function on the one hand and ease of use for the end consumer on the other.

Shoppingify and Magento are good practices. At the beginning of 2010, all eCommerce sites had a basic desktopscape. However, today's e-commerce shops are high-performance apps that handle data transfer from mobiles, community networking sites, and more. Many other eCommerce tools such as Woocommerce and other WordPress plug-ins; Virtuemart for Joomla; osCommerce, cs-cart, Drupal, AbanteCart, BigCommerce, 3Dcart and others are not covered by this small statistic report.

However, my choice was made for the most beloved articles according to ThemeForest, the most beloved of the weekly categories. There will not be some kind of eCommerce breakthrough in the market. The market has been growing and is now concentrating on the improvement of our in-house process. This should be the greatest success for ThemeForest writers who still want to try to grasp the remains of the public over the next few years.

Improve your products further, listen to what the market demands, and you will still occupy a convenient place in this mature group.

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