Envato Theme Update Plugin

Encato Topic Update Plugin

envato/envato-wordpressoolkit:: Word-press tools et for writers of articles available on Envato Markets pages. Wordprocessor for Envato Marketplace articles housed in a Microsoft Office environment. Presently provides the following theme features: installation, upgrades, and backup during the upgrades. An Envato Marketplace-API connection is established by this plugin to take full benefit of the new `wp-list-themes` & `wp-download` techniques developed specifically for this plugin. Those method APIs provide information about your purchases and generate temp URLs for downloading to and from the site to update and reinstall those designs.

In principle, any user who has bought ThemeForest. net topics can now update and reinstall any topic that uses the advantages of these new techniques. End-consumers only need an Envato Marketplace user name and password, and they must have bought one of the many WordPress topics on ThemeForest.

Topic writers can browse to your theme's administration page at ThemeForest. net and click Modify; you will need to load the zipped WordPress Theme option that contains your installed WordPress theme. As soon as you have downloaded and authorized an installed RIP, WordPress allows the user to directly update and reinstall it. To use the update feature, you need to increase your theme versions in styles. Every times a new release is available for downloading, and the above procedure of upgrading an installed executable file will be repeated, you will need to increase your theme versions in styles. and take a look at the samples.

Detail all WordPress topics you have bought. Includes the article ID, article name, theme name, authors name, and release number. Temporary downloading URL for a WordPress article that you have bought. Needs the article ID, e.g. wp-download:1234. Enable the plugin via the "Plugins" in WordPress menue. In order to create an Envato Marketplace APII link, go to the Envato Toolkit page and enter your Marketplace user name and your private APII code in the appropriate entry boxes.

In order to obtain your key, please go to your "My Settings" page on one of the Envato marketplaces. As soon as the application programming interface (API) link is set up, you will see a listing of topics that can be automatically deployed. So if you don't see any designs and are sure that you did everything right, there is a good risk that the design writer didn't update his design to have it available for automatic installation and updating.

In this case, please ask the topic writer to update the information on his topic. A expiration note has been added because this plugin will soon not work anymore. Added a customized username and password to all your queries so you can reconnect. Envato APII queries now use HTTPS end-points.

Resolved: Stop Mojo Marketplace from following your moves and creating long or pendulous page-loading. Worked over: `wp_list_themes` was prevented from making an application programming interface (API) query before entering login information in WordPress. Modified menus and loading priorities to prevent Mojo Marketplace from disabling the Envato Toolkit option.

Worked over: Now uses the customizer to show a thumbnail of the designs in use. Conflicts with the WP-Compatibility Installer Plugin. Fixed: Error that caused the update to fail when backup was on. Added theme backup assistance during upgrades. Added to Envato Marketplace API request to cache. Register_setting group ID update. The plugin has been re-named and features have been shifted to a unique category.

Refreshed string for further internationalization. First publication with automatic theme installation and update. Enforce an increment of'max_execution_time' to make sure that large topics stop the download.

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