Envato Theme Updater

The Envato Topic Updater

In addition, this library has the Envato Item Id search function by providing the name and author of the plugin or theme. In order to simplify the installation process of a new theme version, we recommend the Envato Updater Plugin. Stage 7) Updating the theme with the Envato Theme Updater - RT Theme Docs

As soon as you have the theme up and running, it may well be that we upgrade the theme and theme plug-ins. In order to make the installation of a new theme version easier, we recommend the Envato Updater plug-in. It' available in your administration area or you can directly from Github down load it.

Teach me how to get the Envato plug-in. or here Teach me how to get the Envato plug-in. Hint: If you have completed the administrative messages prompting you to have the Envato Market plug-in installed, or if you do not see it in your administration area, you must either simply load the plug-in and use the Worpress plug-in plotter by manual loading of a plug-in or using remote file transfer (FTP) loading into your Wordpress/wp-content/plugins directory.

Installation of the Envato Updater plug-in. Go to the Administrator Area Dashboard and click on the "Install Envato Market Plugin" button. After the activation of the plug-in you will be forwarded to the plug-ins in the administration area. Return to the Administration dashboard page. Probably you need to log in to the Envato marketplace.

You can also refresh the theme directly in WordPress -> Appearance - Topics area. Then click the Refresh Now button. Once you refresh the theme, you will probably receive an administrator message that you need to refresh the theme plug-ins. Only if the theme comes with packaged plug-ins and these plug-ins have been upgraded.

Then click on the "Start upgrading plugins" button. Choose all plug-ins, change the mass actions to "Update" and click Accept. Please note: We are not liable for the functionality of this plug-in, any (future) bugs it may cause, or any (future) problems it may cause. Should you have any problems or bugs with the plug-in, please get in touch with the plug-in developers on cithub.

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