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We select some of the best new website topics from our collections every month.

We select some of the best new website topics from our collections every month. Those wonderful patterns make us turn our head! To ensure that they comply with the high demands on style and function, we diligently examine new contributions from our team. Ranging from multi-purpose topics to special interest topics, you will always find something that will catch your attention.

The Envato market is always full of new free toys to be enjoyed. Anything you need. Best CMS template for WordPress and Joomla, e-commerce template for WooCommerce, Shopify and more... A vast collection of high value topics and template files. View ratings posted by other members and use your collection to store and view your favorite topics.

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ThemeForest 5 years sale - advantages and disadvantages (Inside Scoop)

WordPress, which is used by over 29 people. One big predicament for many new WordPress topic creators is whether they should go alone or spread their work across an already existing market place. We have the privilege today to interview Henry Rise, Chief Executive Officer of ThemeREX, a Power Elite writer on ThemeForest.

He' will tell us first-hand about his experiences selling topics on ThemeForest for five years and some of the advantages and disadvantages for the site. To those of you who may not know, ThemeForest is Envato property and an on-line marketing place where you can buy and resell HTML artwork and topics for favorite CMS (Content Managing System) applications such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

At the time of this writing, there are over 10,000 WordPress topics available on ThemeForest. While only 28% of topics on ThemeForest are WordPress topics, according to a study by Freemius, the WordPress topics drive 80. They can buy a topic for anything from literal anything from a Corporate E-commerce topic to a Marriage themed.

In 2008 we made a screenshots of ThemeForest just for laughs, in which they had only 14 WordPress topics. Now, it's quite normal because WordPress topics are simple to work with. In addition, business owners and small companies choose WordPress over other CMS because it is simple to use.

W3Techs reports that 60% of all CMS use WordPress. Feel free to take a look at our detailed documentation to find out more about the WordPress story. The fact that there are so many WordPress topics on ThemeForest, however, makes the contest fierce. Not only can you keep track of your topic and see how your business starts roll.

To be successful, ThemeForest writers and designers must make certain changes to their strategy. It is not advisable to place your whole company exclusively on ThemeForest if you want to get to the top of the sales list, as this can be dangerous. It is also advisable that you conduct extra advertising for your own brands, even if you are an authority writer.

Exactly what is a Power-Elite author? The Envato programme is called Ilite. Once you exceed $75,000 in revenue, the first step is to be awarded with an élite Badge, a 12-month tuts+ sign-up, and Google Analytics in your vendor listing. All the way up to 25 million dollars, you can choose your own quest and Envato pays the bill.

Whilst these may seem impertinent to some, there is a great deal of cash to be made on the WordPress themes page. Avada, the best-selling topic on the square, has over 300,000 units of it! If you make the mathematics on $60 a licence, that's over $20 million in revenue on just one multi-purpose topic.

But they also have the benefit of having the times because they have a very well developed franchise and a very good subject. Tonight we interview TopmeREX, an executive writer with over 37,000 copies sold. You have over 156 WordPress topics on ThemeForest with a 4.5 of 5 stars.

When you are considering reselling your work on ThemeForest, you should know all the advantages and disadvantages before taking any action. Below are some of the professionals Henry, their chief executive, is sharing with us about the sale of topics on ThemeForest: When you build a web site company, Envato gives you peace of mind and trust in your brilliant prospects (we mean serious deals and don't create a template from case to case when you're in the right mood).

Ambato has an incredible amount of trafficking. Their topics are considered by a target group, many important persons. Subjects browsing your topics have comprehensive subject matter expertise. See if you can persuade them that your product is good. Let's take themmeREX as an example. You have Envato's election. You can, for example, choose the cheapest rate and resell your great, time-consuming work for a penny.

Allows you to fix your prize at hundred per topic, like some providers at the top of the chart. You' re gonna have to make another big decision when you work with Envato. Do you want to advertise your topics anywhere or only on Envato?

However, most Envato affiliates select exclusive products and exclusively market their topics there. Find out more about the charges for Envato authors. At Envato, we take care of our suppliers. They want you to be recognised as an elitist / powerful writer. If, for example, your new design is published, Envato will make it available on its homepage. In this way, your new design gets a great exposition in the first few day.

As long as you're really effective, you can collect good cash for assistance. On ThemeForest, clients now are paying for extra help, so you can say that the help desk is paying for their wages. Learn more about ThemeForest's supporting guideline. The last professional is the Envato team.

Whilst there are many positive aspects of ThemeForest for writers, here are some of the drawbacks: You' re likely to receive several refusals from Envato as their defaults are very high and sometimes abrupt. However, you should realize that Envato has a good basis for its high demands.

Choose, you will become strong and you will gain the heart of the customer, which is what Envato strives for. Many ( if not all providers) loathe the facial expression. It can be confusing that Envato and not your own brands are bought by people. As an Envato customer service representative, you should be prepared to receive lots of complimentary ticket sales.

That won't help you develop your own badge. When you want to develop your own trademark - do your own branding. It' not very comfortable to be feeling this way, but the reality is that although they want you to be successful, you are still a gear in the Envato engine.

When you go to the forums, you'll see contributions from sellers reporting on their pain, such as the decline in revenue (example below) and other issues of critical importance to them. Are you sick of poor plug-in and topic update that breaks your WordPress page? However, they don't get a response from Envato.

Since ThemeForest are the motor of Envato, they should take good look at their writers. When you just want to begin your relationship with Envato, be prepared for the tough time. However, it is extremely tricky to get into the theme forest today. You could lose an army and a foot to create added value with the discount tactic and overcrowded markets for premium product.

Don't expect an Envato response. Power Elite writers themselves have to be patient and queue up to respond to their queries. If you want to outlive Envato, you need to take additional steps to market your topics. In order to stay on top of things, ThemeForest needs to get at least 2 million additional users to buy their WordPress product.

One can say that the WordPress market is increasing and more and more users are becoming dependant on web sites and the web, but who knows how big the market could be. Every company has its advantages and disadvantages, especially the big ones that affect so many souls. In addition to the disadvantages listed above, most Envato providers like to be part of their communities and base their businesses on them.

When you hesitate to try your fortune with Envato or not, we can only say one thing. Perhaps you are a prospective emerging celebrity of ThemeForest. Do you have your own history or experience with the sale on ThemeForest?

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