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Now I have a monthly ticket and still haven't solved it. Number of the ticket is 789444 and when I tried to answer it 4 nights ago to ask for it, the system gave me a new number, 812197. Well, I think a whole months is a little long for solving a problem.

I' ve been waiting for a solution to this ticket for more than two weeks. Looks like the help team sent a response to your first ticket 4 working days after opening and the other ticket about 7 working days later. There is a disbursement and they always add me to the next monthly, but the disbursement never happens.

After 2 month of queuing for the solution to this problem, this is the answer I get from support: "Thanks for your time. Mr President, I have just listened to my superior and it seems that all the payment transactions that were due to take place in June have collapsed and will take place in July.

On the contrary, I was disillusioned a little over a year ago and now I am completely disbelieved in the incompetence of this business. It looks to me like they actually sent a cash, but it failed: Where do you withdraw money to? Have a look there and make sure that nothing prevents you from getting made.

Well, why should I have to delay another months, the issue is not on my side, it does not prevent me from getting the money from my side except that it does not do it. You actually sent it, and it went wrong, like you said in your ticket: In this case, something stopped you from getting the money, it was sent back to Envato, and so the payout went wrong.

If you can't get the money, what can they do? Change your withdrawal methods or get in touch with the business you wish to withdraw for. Maybe you can also react to the ticket and ask for more detail about why it went wrong so they can help you out. So, are you working for Envato?

You part of the payoff crew? You only make a payment once a months, if you screw up, don't try again. I' ve discussed this with them before and they only last until next year. Her answer was clear: "All payment transactions to be made in June failed", which means not only my and my payment methods.

This seems to indicate that the disbursement of all parties involved has miscarried. Can' you really get backup here? Concerning your interpretations of "all disbursements that should be processed", this is badly formulated on your part, but if disbursements for June were to fail, you would see tens of millions of contributions because there are probably hundred thousand of writers who need their disbursements every months.

My June payment has been as well recieved as many others who have said so in the fora. Envato support most likely means "all your money". Except we're discussing a different trading channel than Envato Markets? It is Envato's policy to make sure that payment reaches all writers unless there is a mistake that prevents them from getting the money.

Again, I would suggest that you make 100% sure that the place where you are trying to make a withdrawal does not block or prevent your money from being paid. Please get in touch with our support. You can also ask for more information about why the Envato customer service agent was unable to pay you out. When you just keep everything as it is, the disbursement will obviously go on failing until whatever is doing it is solved.

Envato's disbursement procedure is clearly automatic, and it worked for everyone but you. Neither do I seem to be able to get a solution through a ticket. Envato's issue is that they delete Photodune portfolio and then promise to pay out to these writers, of whom I am one.

There was something they had to do in their system which they did not do to make sure that all disbursements were made regardless of the amount of the disbursement (whether the disbursement was the right amount or not).

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