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Envato WordPress Toolkit ====== Contributors: envato, valendesigns Tags: install, update, api, envato, theme, upgrade Required minimum: Envato Toolkit is integrated into the theme. When you get the error "Username and/or API Key invalid" with Envato Toolkit, there is a very simple solution. Removing Envato Toolkit This thread contains 3 answers, has 2 votes and was last edited by lord 3 years ago, 1 month ago. it' s a new one! Envato Toolkit is integrated into the subject.

Please open the filename \wp-content\themes\ronneby\inc\includes.php and find line 37 and annotate it (add two flash icons before the line): require_once locate_template('/inc/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master/index.php'); This answer was sent 3 years ago, 1 months ago by ord.

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"The Envato Toolkit plugin doesn't work" (#400425)

Hi, I am not able to use the toolkit plug-in, it takes me to a 404 not found page on my site. Bridge 3.9 is currently used on WordPress Hello, you can update our topic by following these steps: Your website. This way, will be wasted. Hi, How can I update the Bridge topic?

It is possible to refresh our topic by following these steps: Your website. This procedure is wasted. Where can I install the latest Visual Composer plug-in? Upgrading Visual Composer is possible by following the procedure below: Sincerely, Hello, could you please provide us with FTP so we can try to refresh your topic?

Sincerely, Hello, Have you made any changes to templates (php, js) because they are not stored, and before we upgrade the topic, do we suggest you make a back-up?

"User name and/or API key invalid" - Envato Toolkit bug

When you get this mistake and are disappointed about the shortage of help on the web, don't be afraid! Actually, the bug "Username and/or API code invalid" is very frequent with Envatos Toolkit, a WordPress plug-in with which you can easy refresh your Envato topics. Just type this new code into the Envato Toolkit preferences and you're ready to go!

Remember that it may take some getting the new keys up and running, so if it doesn't work immediately, you should allow at least 10 or 15 min before giving up!

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