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This morning I was billed by Envato Pty Ltd. for products/services that do not belong to me. Because I don't have an Envato account, it's me. It' a page for complaints from Envato customers who have been ripped off. The Envato/Paypal creates a wall behind which sellers can hide.

What you need to know to get your cash back?

The Envato portal is an on-line portal for the purchase of web theme, plugin and web site codes. You are a big player in the industry and a daughter company of ThemeForest. net. I found that they don't endorse what they are selling, nor do they provide much in relation to credit for downloads of defective topics or poor coding.

It' s quite the opposite, because you will spend most of your life debugging the poor coding they are selling you, if you have the ability to even bug it. Then I began to think about who had written the source and where the source was.

It turns out that most of the codes are designed in low-wage economies such as India, Russia and China. Sadly, for nontechnical users, they have no clue how to fix badly crafted codes, and are usually busy with flawed Envato topics and have no way of getting their cash back.

When they try to get help with the topic itself, they encounter linguistic issues or a development that does not do so. Note that Envato Market is not responsable for codes that do not work. They' re only selling you codes that are their real buisness models.

Once you receive the source and try to get it installed and it doesn't work properly, this is your issue. Examine out their policies it clearly states that they are not accountable for what they are selling to the general public. What are they doing? Finally, I would like to suggest two important things you need to do to help Envato try out for the first and last year.

Erste Envato and Paypal work together closely and recall that they are partner companies. Will Envato finally give you other methods of paying? Don't be deceived by Paypal's disputes, which you won't gain with Paypal. Troubles with using Paypal are infinite, but this is not a Paypal site, so continue reading.

When you have to open a case for a fee for a subject that is defective, you need to be sure that when you are forwarded to Paypal for billing you must use a valid plastic number. Paypal now knows that when you use a direct debit you' re significantly reducing your chance of paying conflicts, so they always use the standard direct debit option.

Modify your preferred method of payments and choose one of your credits within the files. When you don't have one, please include a current one. You now have full Paypal and Envato product coverage. If you have a dispute with Envato, just call your local debit and charge back provider.

Let us now debate what a reverse posting means for Envato. First, you must realize that Envato will suspend your accounts without accessing already purchased topics or plug-ins. Tell them that you may want to work directly with them and tell them that Envato no longer offers added value.

The Envato is a trader to whom they have certain trading privileges and they establish a line of credit as traders. Whenever a client makes a charge-back to Envato, their line of credit is reviewed. After all, their merchants' accounts are being scrutinized and they have less chances of even accepting credits card in the market.

You know what you're against, why you're hiding behind Paypal. Notice that I also notice that American Express credit carts have a tendency to treat litigation better than most others. Thus it also will depend on your major payment card companies, but most will do a very good job to protect the user and his one of the great service that major payment card companies do.

This is what you want to defend yourself - this is how you treat businesses like Envato. And I know that some have had quite good experience with Envato, but overall, if you cheat on Google Envato, it's just amazing how poor its name is. Remember that download-ing simple template files that aren't full of Java scripting and complex coding is usually quite straightforward and doesn't contain many errors.

Being the most complicated costly masks that have a 50% likelihood of working properly and as good QC is now outgrowing India, your good coding probably probabilities are less than 50%.

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