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The Envato Tuts+ Photo & Video is a source of learning about all aspects of photography and video. May I write for Envato Tuts+?

RTFX Video Maker

The Video Creator is a sophisticated video creation software that makes it easy and at the same place easy to use. Allows you to make any kind of video on any subject, i.e. commercial and musical video, slide show, slide show, presentation, video show, video show and more. Videomaker utilities (used in CC2015.3-CC 2018):

Videomaker vers. The only thing you need to do is to include the below mentioned flag with the links on your products page. If so, please click on a symbol and click on it to create a shortcut to your artwork. This information will be added to the VideoMaker products page.

The Slider Revolution - How to customize the Home Slider - Envato Hosted Slider

These instructions provide a fast introduction to how to start working with Slider Revolution slide controllers that come with your theme's ready-made website layout or demonstration contents. You can find detailled information and help with Slider Revolution in the themed punch suite. Visit Slider Revolution in your WordPress Administrator side bar.

Left-click the slide that corresponds to the slide you want to work on. Choose Main Background and click Media Library to open your Picture Manger. On the Media Library page, either load a new picture or choose an already created picture and click Paste. In the case of controllers with a certain altitude, the picture must be at least as large as the altitude of the controller.

In the case of para-lax slide (where the picture remains in place while scrolling), the picture must be at least twice the size of the slide. Fullscreen slide controls require at least 1920x1280 pixel pictures. If you want to use a video wallpaper, you can choose the YouTube, Vimeo, or HTML6 video options instead of the main/background one.

Videobackgrounds still need a "poster" or fixed picture according to the above specifications to look good on small displays or equipment that can't reproduce your video. Videobackgrounds are silently switched by default and have no playback control. Both YouTube and Vimeo take only the video ID located at the end of the video's video address.

In order to include HTML5 video (one that you yourself hosted and not on a Streaming service), you need an enhanced video that is less than 10 MB/10 seconds long and has been transformed into MP3 4, XML, and WEBm. If you are new to using video storage on your Web sites, we strongly encourage the use of Vimeo vs. self-hosting video.

In order to manipulate headlines and contents in the sliding bar, move down to the transparency previewer and just double-click the text you want to modify, then enter the new text in the field facing down. For more information about how to create user-defined faders or how to modify things like the animation on the contents, transitions, etc., read the video tutorial show entitled The Revolutionlider.

Click, Simple click, insert your web address and click A tags instead of jQuery click. Please note: If you attach hyperlinks to pages on your own website, make sure the hyperlink has your own persistent domains or no domains, otherwise make a notice to test this hyperlink and modify it later after your domains have been added to WordPress.

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