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Creating a VideoHive Preview Movie - Envato Autor Help Center Describes how to create a previews movie for your VideoHive submit. Please see this section for help with uploading (formatting the filing name, descriptions, attributions, tags and more). Use the VideoHive water mark only in the previews for those articles where your previews show the articles you actually bought.

Project watermarking is not necessary for project data or other custom category settings because clients need permission to view the content of the sources in order to use the film. The following category need watermarks in the thumbnails: Movies: Watermarks: The following category do NOT need a water mark in the thumbnails: videos: Hivewatermark was provided as a PNG transparency in the following two resolutions:

All VideoHive entries that do not meet the above mentioned water mark resolutions will be declined. For watermarking, you must first generate a new movie in the required 1920x1080 or 860x540 definition and perform these operations to add the watermark: Put your movie on the video in full definition.

Position the corresponding picture on a plane above the film. Make a new movie with a screen size of 540x960 pixels. Put your movie on the video in full definition. Resize your movie by 50% to fit the full picture size of the previewer solution. Position the watermarked picture onto the top of the screen, using the original picture (960x540).

Create or print the movie with a MP4 or FLV file type for watermarking. VideoHive watermarks should not be changed in any way. The VideoHive previews should be clear and free of any kind of artifact. If you compress the movie, the water mark may sometimes appear less obvious or not even smoothen.

If this is the case, you should use a higher bit rate for rendering your thumbnail. Since we don't have an offical filesize limit for previews, it's best to keep them as small as possible, as this guarantees quick loading speeds for you. Be sure to do some rendering of your previews with different compressing options to find the best picture resolution that can be obtained with the smallest filesize.

We do not allow entries with extra watermarking or trademarking other than the VideoHive seal.

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