Envato vs Creative Market

envelope vs. creative market

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Envato is a collection of themed marketplaces where creative people sell digital assets that can help everyone realize their ideas. Too saturated market to generate sustainable passive income? Establishment of the worldwide marketplace for design. ColorSchemer.com & COLOURlovers.

com began over 10 years ago, creating creative community and creating creative community. During this period we have concentrated on creating the most intuitively and enjoyable experience for those seeking guidance and help with their designs. It has always been our aim to make nice designs easy and available to everyone.

For us, much of the lack of creation of this expertise was a market place that had all the asset that a maker would need, and that adequately appreciated the designer who brought these goods to market. Confirming our beliefs about the kind of marketing space real consumers wanted, we were driven by the resonance of the creative communities, and we were helping design professionals around the globe make more than a million bucks.

The first time I talked to people at Autodesk, I was amazed by their visions and where they saw the possibility of developing a more consumer-oriented offer that would incorporate their decade-long designing expertise and incorporate that mind into the manufacturing world. Being a creative, I've always had reverence for the amazing work people can do with AutoCAD, Maya and the other Autodesk pros' work.

This is the animation movie I just saw with my girlfriend and my daugther... made with Autodesk application. Mature sport automobiles, fantasy houses... produced with Autodesk-Oftware. Could this master of designing softwares expand his heritage to designer and manufacturer of all heights? In our opinion, the yes response is so strong that we have chosen to join them and further expand this fellowship and our tool and marketing space as part of the Autodesk Consumer Group.

We have big blueprints to take them into a bright tomorrow where nice designs can be easy and everyone can access them. To help human beings "imagine, build and build a better world" is Autodesk's ministry, but it has also been our drive since we began it almost a century ago. How does this affect the Fellowship?

This means for store operators that we will have a bigger plattform to place your product in front of an even bigger clientele. We have many pages in our history to go and we'd like you to join us as a storekeeper, member of our storefront communities, and part of our expanding group.

Many thanks for all your continuing encouragement and for many more years of working together in a more wonderful time. Downlaod these spreadsheets and begin with easy to follow directions and tutorials.

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