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A Wordpress toolkit for authors of articles available on Envato Market pages. The Envato WordPress Plugin marketplace Hello, if you are looking for our free website template WordPress plug-in, please click here to download: The Envato Elements plug-in - Free template kits. For WordPress topics and plug-ins, please take a look at our best-selling WordPress topics. For information about the Envato Market WordPress plug-in, please read below:

The plug-in will help clients get updated on all of the premier themes and plug-ins they have bought through Envato Markets (ThemeForest & CodeCanyon). Writers are urged to include this plug-in in their articles so that clients can have a dependable and consistently cross-product expertise. Envato Marketing WordPress makes it simple for editors of themes and plugins to provide their clients with the latest news.

Using a safe on-authentic authentication key and the Envato high-performance API, we can provide WordPress clients with seamless element setup and updating. You can install the plug-in from a single source in the WordPress Dashboard. On the plug-in settings page, you can set your personal Envato APIoken.

Developed by build.envato.com, this token enables WordPress to safely retrieve article up-dates. When the Envato APII link is established from the Settings page, a listing of available themes is displayed. Here you will find a listing of all WordPress themes bought via Envato Market / ThemeForest.

All available topic up-dates can be downloaded here (or from the WordPress Default Updater page or WP-CLI). As soon as the Envato APII link is established from the Settings page, a full listing of all WordPress plug-ins acquired will be provided. You can now install or upgrade all your bought plug-ins directly in WordPress.

Plug-in Help tab contains general issues and directions on what to do if something inside the plug-in doesn't work properly. Do you need help or have you got a problem with this WordPress plug-in? Is it possible to use this plug-in via WP-CLI? See the help page in the WordPress plug-in. 2018 Envato Pty Ltd.

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