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This tutorial shows you how to automatically update your Themeforest Premium WordPress theme purchases with the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin. Comprehensive GDPR Compliance Toolkit Plugin for WordPress. The Envato Market WordPress Plugin (free):

Which is the Envato Toolkit or the Envato Market Plugin? - Envato harboured

One or both of these plug-ins can be found on your website, or information about them can be found in your topic document. These two plug-ins are built so that your WordPress page can link to your Envato accounts, making it easier to enable and upgrade your work. The Envato Toolkit is no longer sponsored or hosted and should no longer be included in your topic.

Once you have determined that this plugin is already present, you can disable and remove it. Envato Market 2.0+ is a further development of the Envato Toolkit and can be included on your website as a plug-in or on the topic page. The plugin guides you through a fast procedure to create and sign up an Application Programming Interface (API) code that links your WordPress page to your Envato user name.

Will the Envato market plugin be compliant with my topics and plug-ins? When you regularly purchase licenses for plug-ins or topics that use the Envato market plugin, you can get one-click notification of updating for those plug-ins and perform one-click updating for those plug-ins from your dashboard. Neither Envato nor its affiliates can guarantee that Envato does not endorse or make any representations about these sites or their content.

Keep in mind that several topics have their own updater or updating process.

The Envato WordPress Toolkit Topic Upgrade tutorial -

If you want to find the WordPress Topic for your website, there is no question that you will go to ThemeForest (or meet the folks who will be recommending you). It is the most beloved market place to find high level topics from skilled topic writers. The Envato WordPress Toolkit is a special tool of ThemeForest. It is a plugin that makes it easy for you to set up and upgrade the topic you bought (that's why all the Dahz Themes have included this plugin to make your job easier!).

A topic upgrade is inevitable as there are corrected errors, the latest WordPress release changes and new functions. The plugin shows you when the topic has an available fix. You can also see a complete listing of all the topics you have purchased from ThemeForest. Let's now go directly to the Envato WordPress Toolkit tutorial!

Once you have bought the design from Dahz, please upgrade and enable the Envato Toolkit plugin on your website. You will find the installed executable in the themes pack. When you need to get the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin first. This plugin is not available in the WordPress plugin repository. Instead, you need to go to GitHub to get the plugin IP instead.

The plugin can be installed by going to your WordPress Dashboard and navigating to 'Plugins'>'Add New'. Choose the "Upload" option and search for the plugin IP address. Now click on the "Install now" and then on "Activate" the plugin. You must create your Envato API key before you can use the plugin. Login to your ThemeForest login and go to your username page.

Once you have received your Application Programming Interface (API) code, go back to your WordPress dashboard page and then to Envato Toolkit. Type your Envato user name in the "Marketplace Username" field and your Application Programming Interface (API) number. The ThemeForest shopping lists should be displayed. Now you can directly download and upgrade your ThemeForest theme from the desktop shell.

So if you buy another topic from ThemeForest, you can directly download it from the Envato Toolkit drop-down list. A few folks don't upgrade their designs because they fear that all their changes will be wasted. If this is the case, you should use a minor design to make any changes to your design.

If you are using a minor design, the adjustment should not be affected by the upgrade. Periodically review the Envato WordPress Toolkit preferences to see the warning when an upgrade is available. So if you want to receive an automated upgrade, just click on the "Automatic upgrade" button that appears in the toolkit under the information about your chosen topic.

When you need to back up your latest topic file beforehand, you can clear the Skip themme backup checkbox on the Envato Toolkit page. The Envato WordPress Toolkit is really a useful and yet easy plugin. Currently it does not have an automatic updating tool, so you will not see an updating message from your WordPress page.

To see if there are an update, you need to see the GitHub page. Try to get WordPress GitHub Plugin Update for alternate automatic updating. Hopefully you will find this as useful as the Envato WordPress Toolkit!

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