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The Saunders Handbook of Small Animal Practices - E-Book - Stephen J. Birchard, Robert G. Sherding

The third issue of this bestselling handbook, carefully organised by the system to ensure optimum legibility and traceability, provides a fast, complete and convenient guide to the assessment and management of a wide variety of commonly occurring small pet health problems. Medicinal sections deal with aesthetics, clinic sign, diagnosis and management, while surgery sections deal with Anatomy, Pre-operative reflections, Procedure and Post-operative Nursing.

Simplified information on the aetiology, symptoms, diagnostics and treatments for each condition or condition, as well as the anatomy, pre-operative condition, technique and post-operative maintenance for surgeries. Contains a complete section on diagnosing, treating and operating on bird and alien domestic animals. Contains new sections dealing with issues such as physiotherapy and rehab, analgesic medicine, vaccine policies and synthesis.

Contains the latest information about medications and medical devices.

Feline Internal Medicine consultation, Vol. 6 - E-Book - John R. August

Entirely revamped and upgraded with 80 entirely new sections that cover key information on the latest cat professionals' diagnosis, therapy and prevention issues, the Internal Cat Consultation is an inestimable addition to any small veterinarian collection. Full-colour illustration and technical papers help you control and use the latest advancements in cat feeding, developing disease, pets over-population, enhanced imagery and more with a broad, clinical relevance assessment.

Over 100 of the world's leading small pet practices offer expertise across the entire range of cat inner healing. There is a new section on cat feeding that emphasises the effects of dietary choices on cat wellbeing. Dramatically full-color designs containing literally thousands of new artwork and spreadsheets clarify your concept and help you understand your clinician information.

Manual of Small Animal Gastroenterology - Todd R. Tams

Provides a convenient frame of reference for the diagnostics and management of frequent small animals disease and closes the gaps that leave bigger, encyclopaedic credentials. Provides a full overview of symptom and diagnostics, description of diseases of the alimentary system by organic system, and a number of examples of GI.

This full, extended issue, divided into three logical, easy-to-understand chapters and authored by renowned professionals, is a useful diagnostic resource for first responders. This well-known manual formats, which is primarily rooted in stomach and intestinal organ, provides fast retrieval of important information. Covering symptom, diet and chronical and acute diseases is a comprehensive debate in the field of GI.

Enteral and parenteral nutrition chapters have been reworked with several new illustration to discuss this important issue more fully. In a new, full chapters on neoplasias, authored by an experienced clinician, all pertinent debates on neoplasias throughout the entire volume are summarized into one cohesive, holistic work.

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