Epiceram Acne

Acne Epiceram

It is used for the treatment of acne. Dark spots on black skin Dark spots are embarrassing and can be caused by skin irritation and exposure to sunlight. Please click here to read this exclusive EpiCeram review! Slowly releases lipids and other antiacne ingredients over time. EpiCeram emulsion [as my moisturizer].

EpiCeram's efficacy in neurodermatitis

KYOTO, JAPAN Topical EpiCeram is an individual treatment for moderately to severely treated paediatric neurodermatitis, according to a study. These physiological dermal barriers reparation creams turned out to be equivalent to fluoresticasone propriate creams (Cutivate) in a 113-patient multi-centered, neck-to-neck, multirandomized peer-to-peer, compared, Dr. Jeffrey L. Sugarman commented at an internation dermatological Investigative Conference.

EpiCeram's improvements in values for seriousness of underlying condition were not as rapid as those seen with the center topically administered asteroid. Yet, by completing the 4-week, investigator-blinded study, the two groups showed statistically pivotal and clinically similar gains in scoring in the Atopic Dermatitis (SCORAD) Index, pruritus values, and sleeping patterns, said Dr. Sugarman, a dermatologist working in private-practice settings in Santa Rosa, California.

"EpiCeram is an important step forward in the treatment of neurodermatitis," he said in an interviewer at the European Society for Dermatological Research, the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology and the Society for Investigative Dermatology met. "It is a well thought-out skin care product that leverages our latest understand of the neurodermatitis cutaneous barriers in terms of product appearance and formulation," he added.

EpiCeram actually stands for a new paradigm in paraplegic Dermatitis treatment, which is predicated on a selective, disease-specific fat substitute and thus significantly reduces the need for topically steroid or immunomodulating drugs. Goal is to fix a faulty dermal cell wall functioning. Dr. Sugarman continues that this is in line with recent considerations on the neurodermatitis patogenesis, which suggests that a faulty functional barriers is the driving force behind pathogenesis and not the result of an immunological deficiency.

113 subjects of the study were aged from 6 month to 18 years. Of an average Baseline SCCORAD of 36, the group receiving EpiCeram showed an increase of 47% after 2 week and an increase of 57% after 4 week. This 4-week profit was comparable to the average 69% increase after 4 week fluorescence, although the average 61% increase of CCORAD after 2 week fluorescence was significantly better than with EpiCeram at that tim.

At 2 week twice a day treatment, only 4% of EpiCeram group subjects showed an increase in DCORAD of more than 75% versus 20% for fluoresticasone. After 4 week, 21% of EpiCeram treatment subjects had crossed this barrier, similar to the 26% fluorosone group. Notches of Pruritis increased from an average base line of 6.1 on a 10-point 10 point to 3.5 with EpiCeram and 3.

Seven with fluorescein after four week. Sleeping patterns also significantly changed from an average base line of 3. 5 on a 10-point gamut to 2. 6 with EpiCeram and 2. 8 with fluoresticasone. for EpiCeram from the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. has been awarded the sole sales and commercialization license for EpiCeram in the United States by Ceregenix.

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