Epiceram Canada

Epicheram Canada

Can only be shipped to customers in Canada. Read more about EpiCeram (Emollients topical). manifestations The EpiCeram SKIN BARRIER emulsion is the only steroid-free, fragrance-free, ceramide-dominant topically formulated product licensed by Health Canada for the indication of neurodermatitis that offers an exciting replacement for steroid-based therapies. We recommend treating and relieving dehydrated dermal diseases and the stinging and pruritus associated with various kinds of dermatosis, as well as those associated with allergic inflammation.

The EpiCeram Skin Barrier Emulsion relieves the strain on dehydrated, wax-like skins by providing a humid climate for wounds and skins, which benefits the recovery proces. It is a chronically occurring condition in which the epidermis undergoes periods of irritation and itching. Neurodermatitis's major signs - infection, erythema and severe itching - are often aggravated by a "vicious circle" that evolves when the infected complexion is scraped, making the complexion even more irritated and pruritic, causing the patient to scrape more.

Humans with neurodermatitis have a hide that responds very readily to stimulants such as dusts, animal hair, pollens, perfumes and chloride. In contrast to other so-called "barrier repair" and medicinal product lotions, EpiCeram is a ceramide-dominant, physiological, lipid-based formula that provides an optimum balance of ceramic, free fat and free fat (3:1:1 ratio) to help improve the appearance of allergic lesions.

The EpiCeram can be used both as single agent as well as in combined therapies. The EpiCeram formula assists in the reconstruction of the exhausted dermal wall by re-establishing the lipid equilibrium in the external layers of the epidermis. This is achieved by giving the complexion an optimal blend of ceramic, as well as free fat and esteric acid, brick and grout (building blocks) of the complexion.

EpiCeram fills the skin's physiological lipid layer to help normalise the skin's pH and avoid dehydration. The EpiCeram restores the pH value to normality (pH 5) and restores the cutaneous barriers functions. EpiCeram is able to cross the stratum core due to its physiological lipid and optimum proportion; it is absorbed by the ceratinocytes, packed in lamella and excreted to re-establish physiological lipid and coherence within the stratum state.

The EpiCeram is available in 2 formats:

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