Epiceram Emulsion

Emulsion Epiceram

An epiceram for the therapy of neurodermatitis. - Public The EpiCeram is a special blend of ceramic, as well as blood alcohol, fat and alcohol esters that imitate the natural components of the human body. In April 2006, EpiCeram was granted FDA approval for use as a non-steroidal lipidside barrier emulsion to treat burn and pruritus associated with arid dermatological disorders such as neurodermatitis, irritative tactile dermatitis, radiated eczema and other types of dermatosis.

The EpiCeram has shown similar effectiveness to a topically active intermediate level corticosteroid in a pilot trial in 113 patients with mild to profound neurodermatitis. In contrast to topically steroided drugs and immune modulators such as calcineurinin inhibitors, which have well known adverse side effects and limitations on use ( such as FDA shorthand warnings for the latter), recent evidence indicates that EpiCeram has a favourable health and safety record.

In addition, EpiCeram does not appear to have any significant limitations in use in comparison to the other categories of prescriptive devices, in particular as regards the length of use or the patients' ages.


The EpiCeram skin skin barrier emulsion is a new steroid-free, ceramide-dominant three-fold lidïpid form of topical treatment that removes neurodermatitis anomalies of the dermal barriers. Designed for the treatment and alleviation of burns and pruritus associated with neurodermatitis and other skin diseases. The EpiCeram is singular not only because of the ceramide-dominant relation of the 3 Keylipids of the strip cord, but also because of the high content of Lipids with more than 3% Ceramiden.

These ratios and concentrations are intended to specifically address specific neurodermatitis -related neurochemical anomalies.

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