Epiceram Lip Balm

Lip balm Epiceram

Provides immediate and lasting relief for dry, cracked or irritated lips. An advanced lip balm that uses a blend of pure lipids (ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol) to increase moisture while protecting the lips. The TrueLipids lip balm for dry lips. Repair, regenerate and rejuvenate your lips with the first lipid-based lip care. A dry lip can be a painful and unpleasant experience and needs more than an occlusive lip balm to heal.

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This handbag is a lip balm.

Moistening my lip is one thing for me all year long. It is not surprising that my dried lip feels much better in summers than in winters, but I am working to moisturize it every day. Every person's limbs and skins are different, and you need to know what works for you. Also I use another high performance balm that contains some petrolatum, which is an additive that some folks also prefer to abstain from.

However, these two components do the most to keep my lip moist and healthy. I have a new lip balm in my handbag make-up pouch. Recently I was asked to try EpiCeram-L, a lip balm from a pharmaceuticals firm that manufactures dermatology based formulations, among them burns patient formulations and health care anti-acne formulations.

And I was definitely interested in giving her lip balm a chance. Embroidery EpiCeram-L is a great looking balm. It' s an extraordinary form so great to put on my lip! I' m pushing it over my lip level, and that's it, done. This balm ball looks like a lip balm, but on my lip it is not like wax like many tubular lip balsams.

Instead, it turns into a light "oil" on my lip that remains in place and is not oily. EpiCeram-L, unlike other lip balsams, is a therapeutical lip balm that contains three lipid components: Ceramide, essentielle Fettsäuren and Cholesterin. This website explains the formulation as naturally, and it contains NO parabenes, hormones, gluten, fragrances, petrolatum OR lanceol.

It is suitable for even the most delicate lip. Because you also have lip balm on your face, it's great to use a balm that has no ingredient that you would worry about if you eventually ingested it. Balsam uses a time-delayed technique that is termed "MultiSal Technology" by professionals and which they promote as "Intelli-Target Technology".

In principle, the micro-encapsulated fats/ lipids are liberated over the course of your life so that your lip remains moist. The slogan of EpiCeram-L is "Real Medicine for Chapped Lips", suitable for a pharmaceutically designed drug. I had good results with EpiCeram-L lip care although we still have hot weathers and my lip is in good condition. I' ve always said I have a hard job carrying fluid matt lip sticks.

EpiCeram-L I like to carry under my lips because it is so light. This allows me to carry my matt lips longer and more comfortable. You can purchase EpiCeram-L lip care on the EpiCeram website for $39.95 in a triple bundle. It is more expensive than your usual lip balm from the chemist shop, but at eye level with high-quality brand names.

Please visit the EpiCeram website for more information. Please do if you have not yet participated in the Laurme Senitive skin givingaway! Smooth, efficient and fragrance-free, the $175 5 products are fantastic if you have regular or delicate skins. When you are not interested in yourself, stand up for a boyfriend or member of the household who is going through treatment that makes his body feel stressful or sore.

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