Epiceram Skin Barrier Emulsion

Emulsion Epiceram Skin Barrier

The EpiCeram (EpiCeram Skin Barrier Emulsion) is a topical, non-steroidal skin cream. DOUBLE EPICERAM EMULSION; EPICERAM SKIN BARRIER EMULSION.

Moisturizing skin barrier emulsion: Indications, side effects, warning signs

Moisturizer is used for skin barrier emulsion: Treatment of dehydrated skin and relief of stinging and pruritus associated with certain skin diseases. They may also be used for different condition that are set by your personal doctor. Your personal hygiene and care professional. The skin barrier emulsion is a steroid-free skin barrier. Hydrates and protects the skin, which relieves skin irritations.

NEVER use a skin barrier emulsion if: If any of these affects you, call your prescriber or health professional immediately. Prior to application of skin barrier emulsion: A number of medicinal circumstances may interfere with the skin barrier emulsion. Talk to your personal doctor if you have any unmet medical need, especially if one of the following situations applies to you:

Something MEDICAL CAN interfere with the skin barrier emulsion. Since little or no skin barrier emulsion is taken up in the circulation, the chance of interaction with another drug is low. Consult your doctor if the skin barrier emulsion can interfere with other medications you are taking. Ask your doctor or pharmacist before starting, stopping, or changing the amount of any medication.

The use of a skin barrier emulsion: Utilize skin barrier emulsion as prescribed by your personal doctor. Do not use skin barrier emulsion. Verify the labels on the medication for accurate dosage directions. Place a thin coat on the affected area and softly massage into the skin. When the skin is fractured, you can mask the area according to your doctor's advice.

Immediately after using Skin Barrier Emulsion, rinse your hand unless your hand is part of the affected area. The skin barrier emulsion contains no sun protection. When you miss a dose of skin barrier emulsion, use it as soon as you recall. Proceed to use it as prescribed by your personal doctor. Now.

Consult your physician on how to use a skin barrier emulsion. The skin barrier emulsion is intended for topical use only. Avoid applying the skin barrier emulsion within 4 working days before radiotherapy. Speak to your physician before using any other medication or detergent on your skin.

It is possible that for a short period (i.e. 10 to 15 minutes) after applying the skin barrier emulsion you may feel a slight prickle at the point of use. Consult your physician if you feel serious or prolonged skin irritations. Call your physician if your symptom does not improve within 10 to 14 or if you see any sign of getting infected.

When you become pregnant, consult your physician. They need to talk about the advantages and hazards of using skin barrier emulsion during pregnancy. When you are breastfeeding or will be breastfeeding while using the skin barrier emulsion, consult your physician. Potential side effect of the skin barrier emulsion: Whole medicine may cause side effect, but many humans have no or only slight side effect.

Consult your physician if any of these most frequent side affects continue or become bothersome: Immediately consult a physician if any of these side affects occur: It is not a full listing of all the side affects that may appear. Talk to your physician if you have any queries about side affects.

Contact your physician for consultation on side effect medications. In order to notify the competent authority of side effect reports, please refer to the Guide to Report Problems to FDA. Correct positioning of the skin barrier emulsion: The skin barrier emulsion should be stored at room temperatures between 59 and 86 Degree Celsius FR (15 and 30 Degree C).

Keeping the skin barrier emulsion out of the range of kids and domestic animals. When you have a question about the skin barrier emulsion, please speak to your physician, chemist or other healthcare professional. The skin barrier emulsion may only be used by the person for whom it is intended.

Contact your physician if your condition does not get better or worsens. Ask your chemist how to discard your old medication. The information should not be used to determine whether or not to take a skin barrier emulsion or other medication. Your physician alone has the expertise and education to determine which medications are right for you.

Such information does not confirm that a drug is considered Safe, Active or Authorized for the treatment of patients or conditions of healthcare. It is only a brief overview of the general information on skin barrier emulsions. There is NOT all information on the possible uses, direction, warning, precaution, interaction, undesirable effect or risk that may be applicable to skin barrier emulsions.

The information is not intended to be specifically intended to provide you with any kind of information or advise you may need from your doctor. It is important that you speak to your doctor to obtain full information about the risk and benefit of using skin barrier emulsions. You should always contact your physician to make sure that the information on this page is appropriate for your individual situation.

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