Epiderm Cream

Cream Epidermis

Used It is used to relieve mild muscle and joint pain (e.g. osteoarthritis, back pain, sprains). It works by cooling and warming the complexion. Those sensations on the epidermis divert you from the pain you experience deep in your muscle, joint and tendon.

Observe all instructions on the packaging of the products.

When you are unsure about any of the information, please contact your physician or chemist. Do not use this medicine on your face or body. Avoid using near your eye, throat, nostrils, or genitalia and be sure not to hit these areas while the medicine is on your hand. Rinse the drug with a lot of cleanup solution.

Hand rinse well before using your contacts. Avoid application of a thin coat of a drug to the affected area more than 3 to 4 times daily. Rinse your palms after using this medicine, unless you are using this medicine to manage your palms. When you are using this medicine, allow at least 30 min. after use to allow your hand to wasp.

Don't use this medicine on damaged or inflamed skins (e.g. sliced, shaved, sun-tanned). Your doctor or health care professional will tell you if you have any side effect. Please ask your chemist for further information. Exposure to high temperatures may cause increased side effect. Don't use this medicine immediately before, during, or after an activity that increases your body fluid temperatures (e.g. taking a bath in warm waters, swim, sunbathe, exercise), or in hot/moist conditions.

Allow your scalp to cool down before using this medicine. It is available in different thicknesses and with different contents, but with similar sounding name. Please be sure to check the labels thoroughly to make sure you have the right products for you. If you have any queries, ask your chemist.

Inform your physician if your symptoms last longer than 7 consecutive day, get worse, or recur. When you think you may have a serious health issue, see a physician immediately. Should any of these conditions continue or become worse, consult your physician or chemist immediately. When your physician has instructed you to use this medicine, keep in mind that he or she has assessed that the benefits for you is greater than the risks of side affects.

A lot of persons who use this drug do not have serious side effect. Discontinue use of this medicine and tell your physician immediately if any of these unlikely but serious side affects occur: formation of blisters / bloating / strong reddening at the site of use, increase / uncommon tenderness at the site of use, sickness / lightheadedness, tingling in the ear. Immediate emergency help if you develop signs of a serious sensitivity, including: eczema, pruritus /swelling (especially in the face/tongue/neck), serious lightheadedness, difficulty breathing.

It is not a full listing of possible side affects. In case you experience any other effect not mentioned above, consult your physician or chemist. Consult your physician for consultation on side effect medications. The FDA can be contacted at 1-800-FDA-1088 or www.fda.gov/medwatch. to notify them of side effects. Drug use is also possible. Canada - Check with your physician for side effect information.

If you have any side effect, you can contact Health Canada at 1-866-234-234-2345. Inform your personal care professional or chemist before using this concoction if you are hypersensitive to manthol or methylsalicylate; or to aspirin or other types of lettuce (e.g., salad salad); or if you have any other allergies. Care should be taken not to use this medicine. It may contain non-active substances that may cause hypersensitivity or other problem.

Speak to your chemist for more information. Before using this medicine, if you have any of the following conditions, please see your physician or pharmacist: bronchial tubes, abdominal tubes, respiratory tract, respiratory tract, asthma, affected area, growth of your nostrils. Throughout the first 6 month of gestation this drug should only be used if clearly necessary.

Talk to your physician about the risk and benefit. There is no information as to whether this substance enters mother's breast or not. Before breastfeeding, see your physician. When you use this device under medical supervision, your physician or chemist may already be informed about possible interaction and may monitor for them.

Don't take, stop, or modify the dose of any medication before first discussing it with your personal physician or chemist. Prior to using this device, tell your physician or chemist whether you are using any of the following products: Therefore, before using this device, inform your physician or chemist of any use.

Carry a complete listing of all your medicines with you and tell your prescriber or health care professional about it. Observe all scheduled physician and lab visits. Various makes of this drug have different storage needs. You will find storage information for your trademark on the packaging or ask your chemist. Dispose of this item correctly when it has elapsed or is no longer needed.

Contact your chemist or your nearest disposer for more information on how to dispose of your products in a safe manner. There are no pictures available for this medicine.

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