Epidermal Repair Lotion

Repair epidermal lotion

Calming facial lotion for stained skin. Epidermal Repair Cream is an advanced therapeutic treatment for sensitive skin that gently reduces inflammation and heals red, irritated skin. The Epidermal Repair has been specially developed to help repair damaged skin by quickly restoring its barrier function.

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The Epidermal Repair has been specially developed for the affected epidermis, which is affected by cosmetical interventions that range from micromerabrasion to surfacing by lasers, as well as for the sensitive epidermis, which is affected by retroid therapies or aggressive environments. Beta Glucan and Centella Asiatica are combined in this therapeutical procedure to create a shield for traumatised skins while supporting the necessary biologic process to speed up the process of restoring the natural barriers.

It has been scientifically proven that epidermis repair significantly reduces erythema and soothes stressed skins, while the beautifully textured cosmetic enhances everyday use, especially during the crucial post-rejuvenation heal. Titanium extracts from Centella Asiatica stimulate type I and III collateral to speed recovery of the dermal barriers and avoid the formation of scars.

Natrium Palmitoyl Proline and Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract calm the epidermis and help reducing irritation. Prevents infections and prevents the appearance of exposed skins. Magnesia sulfate, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, dimethiconol, sodium palmitoylproline, sodium benzoate, centella asiatica extract, sodium carboxymethyl beta glucan, citric acid, Nymphaea Alba extract / Nymphaea Alba flower extract. It' the best curative creme I ever used.

The next morning I used Epidermal Repair on my hide and the burning was gone. In the first few weeks, with the prescription vaseline preparation, I healed normally. In the second half of the year my physician changed me to the brighter SkinCeuticals repaircreme. Said it looks like an Allergie and gave another prescription which my chemist would only get on Monday.

Because SkinCeuticals creme was specifically designed to be calming and curative, I had no idea it could be the foodallergen and he did not say it either. Well, I quit using it and changed to an OTC lotion. Normally I have NO delicate skins, and the only hypersensitivity I have is to the avocado.

There is no avocado seed essence in the preparation, but I definitely have an allergy to something in it. It is recommended by my dermologist after treatment with lasers and other peelings. I feel so good to slide this on the untreated area. It'?s harder, which is a plus in curing. Keeps the complexion moist to make the period after treatment more pleasant.

It' s a long way, so I think the cost is reasonable. That's a beautiful, thick, wealthy musturizer. But that's it. I didn't really realize there was any "repair" going on.

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