Episkin Cream

Cream Episkin

Pigmentation test for SkinEthic RHPE (Reconstructed Human Pigmented Epidermis) Aim of this trial is to evaluate in vitro the pigmentation activities of the test products after applying the SkinEthicTM RHPE models topically on a day to day basis for 6 workdays. Five-fold re-constructed tan tissue (phototype VI) is metered with the test for 6 day. Following surgery, all tissue is visualized.

In addition, one of the 5 fabrics is examined for history (H&E staining) and one for fabric vitality. To quantify this, the 3 rest of the fabrics are used for quantifying the melanin. Apply 1 ?l of the test specimen and 1 ?l of the test specimen (Melanex Duo; laboratory expansciences) each day to the strip of five times larger specimen size, skin ethicTM FEPE (size 0.5 cm²).

Therefore, all crops (including five times virgin tissue) are incubated at 37°C, 5% CO². The analyses (visual assessment, histology, MTT and extract melanin) are carried out at the end of the session. Note: This report is used for a cream or gel-formulated preparation; if the test preparation is a fluid, the report may be modified; it is also possible to test a preparation by systematic use in the agar.

Apply double culture to 300 microlitres of 0,5 mg/ml MTT for each test conditions and incubate 5% CO at 37 C for 3 hrs. Extract in 1,5 ml of isopropyl alcohol at room temperatures for at least 2 hrs. The results are presented as a percent of vitality in comparison to negativ control: Percent Vitality = [OD (570nm) test connection / OD (570nm) negativ control] x 100.

Repetitive application of the cream reduces the tan (B) in comparison to the normal tan (A). With Fontana Masson we find a connection between decreased pigments and lower levels of pigment in the melt. By the end of the test phase, all tissue (untreated, positively controlled and tested ) is captured with a photographic imager for visually assessing it.

By the end of the test phase, the 3 fabrics are taken out of the tray by removing the strainer with a knife. Measure the optical density on 80 microlitres of extracts at 490 nm using artificial Melanin as a benchmark. The results are given in OD and in mg/ml molanin.

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