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Thanks so much for using this topic. These are the instructions on the topic of esteem. The installation of your design is quite simple! Once downloaded, you should have an Esteem. Zip document. It is a condensed document containing all the necessary artwork and pictures needed for the theme to work correctly. The design includes support for the home page picture control.

Go to the slide control. In order to use the slide bar, first select the Select to select slide bar to enable the slide bar. Load picture #1 for the first slide bar. Likewise, insert the appropriate slide bar titles, slide bar descriptions, and redirection links. Yes, this design has its own design on it. From the Page Attributes drop-down list, select the business template from the Template drop-down list.

All you need to do is simply adding a few Widget to the Desktop to set up the Transaction Server. Following are some Widget's provided by the theme you are using to make your presentation look fantastic. ServicesAdding this Widget to the Web Bar. Choose one of your pages from the drop-down list in this Widget.

You will see the titles, descriptions, and icons of the same pages you selected. Action callAdd this Widgets to the Business Sidebar. Inside this widget you insert the first and second header, the text of the buttons, the redirection links of the buttons and everything is done. Features WidgetAdd this Widget to the Business Sidebar.

Inside this wideget, include the name, text and descriptions, and choose one of your pages from the drop-down list. From the same page you selected, the displayed picture is displayed. TestimonialAdding this Widgets to any Business Sidebar. Insert in this wide screen the name, the title, the text, the name, the headline and everything is done.

Set the Home page to the page of your store (the page you built according to the instructions above). Though you can use any plugin to enhance the functionality of the theme, we have provided some support for plug-in and you can use these to do what is shown in our demonstration. First, go to Settings->Read->Frontside->Select a fixed page (below).

View from the Contributions page: From the drop-down list, browse to any page where you want to view the posting. For a large picture with contents. Use Small Picture for Middle Picture with Contents. To display the entire article, click Full Contents.

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