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WorldPress eStore Plugin - Complete sales software for WordPress eStore and WordPress e-commerce solutions Are you selling your WordPress site's autopilot based software downloaded digitally, your product's digitized contents or your WordPress site's autopilot based software, or do you want to resell while preserving the complete security of your assets? Tired of the e-commerce WordPress plug-ins you've seen? Would you like a plug-in with dependable support (where your queries will be resolved and problems solved)?

Don't you like the idea of having to spend money on running charges and commission to buy through a third parties website? Don't you like having to buy many costly add-ons after installing a basket? and then having to foot an annual fee for the upgrades? And if you're still a reader, the WordPress eStore plug-in might be just right for you!

With In a Nuesshell... this high-performance, slim and conversion-oriented WordPress Basket plug-in allows you to safely and fully automate the sale of any kind of premium quality content from your WordPress-based website. You' re sure to make your clients happy with the WP eStore plug-in. As soon as you have established it, the entire purchase procedure (purchase, check-out and delivery of goods without specifying the actual location of the product) works on the autopilot.

Here you can get a clear idea of the WP eStore's digitized distribution activities. Yes, you can use this plug-in to resell your own material goods as long as you don't need complicated shipment methods. This plug-in is used by tens of millions of Internet marketing companies to market their goods through land and retail sites. In the following only some of the most important functions of the WP eStore plug-in are listed (a complete feature listing can be found here):

Automated immediate supply of the digitized item upon receipt of your purchase through a dynamic, encoded email linked to your website. In this way, the real whereabouts of your digitized item will never be known. Serve your customers and your business by selling your website material and immaterial to them. So you can, for example, resell your favorite content such as your favorite files, video, music, photo, subscription, ticket, subscription, serial number, web host, subscription and more.

The WP eStore allows you to embedded safe downloading button for your free downloading (this prevents hotspots to your files). Easiest cash with one click via PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize. net or manual payment. Clients can make payments by using their PayPal accounts or by using a debit transfer. Don't let your clients get lost to a complex POS system.

Learn more about the advantages of an instant cash register system. The WP eStore is a light weight trolley system. The slim basket design makes sure that the plug-in does not slower your website. If you buy the WP eStore plug-in, you can use it on as many websites as you own (you have to fall in love with that!).

A low fee allows you to use the plug-in on all your pages. The WP eStore integrates smoothly into your WordPress theme. It' s up to you to place the Buy or Subscribe buttons for a specific item or feature anywhere on your blogs. The WP eStore has stylish presentation artwork that you can use to present your work.

Have a look at the available unusual presentation models. WP eStore's shortcut libraries allow you to customise your WP eStore exactly the way you want. The design of your on-line shop has never been so easy. Here you will find the available eStore links. The WP eStore has many free add-ons that you can use to enhance your shopping basket behaviour in various ways.

By purchasing the eStore plug-in you get full control over all free add-ons and enhancements. eStore plug-in is integrated for free with many common methods of payments such as PayPal, Authorize. net, 2Checkout, BitCoin via BitPay, Braintree, eWay Rapid 3. 0, off-line methods of payments (payment by check, bar or wire transfer).

We have a Premier Gateways modul to allow you to include more pay emails if needed (e.g. Streipe, PayPal Pro etc.). The WP eStore allows you to build Buy Now style panels that provide a super-fast cash register. With this kind of badge your clients can buy a certain item without adding it to their shopping basket.

There are PayPal sign-up keys you can set up so you can bill your PayPal users for periodic payment for a specific item orervice. Always have free use of the latest versions of the plug-in. We have a very robust plug-in-codebase. Possibility to allow your clients to store their basket contents for later retrieval.

If you can set up a device with a number of different numbers or keys, the plug-in will ship it to your customer when you buy this device. You can use this function to buy a ticket. Generate default or conditioned rebate vouchers using the rebate voucher function. You can use it to allow your clients to buy your goods at a rebate.

Displays the customer's purchasing histories. You will be able to see what kind of product you have bought from you in the past. With this plug-in you can resell your product via a hyperlink. It can be very useful if you have landed a page with a page creative tool and you only need a single page to support the article buying lifecycle.

For your items, you can activate a "Pay what you want" or "Custom" pricing options so that your clients can specify the amount they want to spend on the items. We track your Google Analytics accounts to track your purchases (if you use one). The WP eStore allows you to generate PayPal donate button to raise one-time or repeated contributions for a specific purpose.

The WP eStore works with out of the box HTTP pages (useful if you use an SSL Certificates on your website). The WP eStore plug-in is very useful if you need to include the Buy or Subscribe button in a pricelist or prize chart on your destination page. Possibility to place your product on a page via a lattice-ad.

It can be included in the NextGen Gallery plug-in to build a digital photoshop from the NextGen Gallery to resell pictures from your WordPress page. The WP eStore is fully compliant with most WordPress common safety plug-ins (including our free All In One WordPress safety plug-ins). Integrates with the WP eMember plug-in to build a WordPress Brand Stores with member functionality.

The creation of a member page with the WP eMember plug-in is very simple. Integrates with the WordPress affiliate software plug-in. So, if you choose to increase your revenue later by launching an affiliate program, all you have to do is enable the affiliate plug-in. Keeping our plug-ins up to date to work with the latest WordPress versions.

We' ve been doing this for more than 5 years, so be sure that our plug-ins will always be compliant with all WordPress up-dates. Are you afraid of receiving a useless document after purchasing the products? Check the trolley documents before making a sale. Visit our customers forums to see how we deal with product-related problems (usually within 24 hours).

See the complete feature set of the WP eStore plug-in. See the help page to get a feel for what this plug-in can do (this will help you see if this plug-in meets your needs). To see how the Add to Cart, Buy Now, and Subscribe functions work, click the above Demo-live link.

Also, you can view these videos to see how simple it is to install and use this plug-in. Alternatively, you can try the free WordPress PayPal Shopper Kart plug-in to get a feeling for how the basket works. The PayPal basket plug-in cash register is similar to this one ( it just doesn't have all the great functions that WP eStore offers).

Below you can see a short overview of a check-out procedure from the customer's point of perspective when using PayPal: You have several options for displaying the basket. Below is a sample of what the basket looks like when shoppers put products in it: At the bottom is a screenshots of another unusual basket:

WordPress eStore Plugin can be used to add a crush page template to a posting, page, or page bar to provide a free e-mail mailing lists creation tool for web promotion purposes (view details). Check out the Testimonials page and see what some of our clients have to say about us.

I just installed the new Plugins and a new Test PayPal Buttons and as far as I know this works very well! As soon as you put a item into your basket, you will be forwarded directly to the cash register, or you will find the basket in the side bar.

You will find further bundles on the products page. I' m not going to tell you that WordPress eStore is the best WordPress Store plug-in ever, but for what this plug-in does, it makes it work. When you want a WordPress Store plug-in that is under active development and has someone behind it offering problem solving and problem solving, you are welcome to buy this one.

If you buy this plug-in, you also implicitly endorse all my other free Word-press plug-in developments.

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