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Nothing is as simple and yet as complicated as the task of evangelism. Should any of these topics or any other topic be beneficial to the current needs of your flock, please contact Evangelist Merrill. Did you ever wish you could come up with a theme for your mission conference that would have more impact on your church? Everything the two shows had in common was the themes and the name.

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Below are some of the week-long themes that the Merrill Crusade has divided. Every topic in the group has 6-9 biblical sounding and cultural message, which always includes a representation of the evangel. In addition to co-ordinating specific musical accompaniment to the themes, the squad often instructs an appropriate choir to bring the major boost home.

Should any of these themes or any other topic be of benefit to the needs of your herd, please contact the Evangelist Merrill...is a 4 days event with 6 events. Every worship session will include a strong biblical narrative (with visible presentations), outcome incentive, thematic choir, and musical instruments and vocals presented by the group.

How important is it for us as health-conscious human beings that spirit, teaching, language and belief are also "healthy"? How does the Bible say about Israel, the EU, Iran, Russia and America? Is the kind of kind of music we hear or play really important? The Evangelist Merrill has composed, played, recorded as well as read soundtrack.

Just as Peter, who after being wondrously freed from jail, was standing in front of John Mark's doors and kept tapping, so also Scripture admonishes us to go on in words, in beliefs, in grace, prayers and charity, but not in sins! Merrill's Evangelistic Team continuously develop scriptural themes to meet people's needs and concerns.

Others cover mission issues, the Bible, divine friendships, evangelism, financial principles, dealing with emergencies, life goals, health problems, persecution, teaching, Bible character studies...and more.

Topic: Protestant sermon

Mr. Baker was Wheaton College Chairman in Wheaton, Illinois, and is the writer of Public Speaking (Baker). Significance of the layout for a church, the key question of the church belief. On his last appointment as lecturer was Harold John Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

What is the point of analysing your public when you prepare for the evangelistic sermon? Mr. Koessler is Adjunct Pastoral Studies Director and Chairman of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Richardson is Adjunct Evangelism Professor at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, and associated with the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Oratorized to the Anglican Mission in America, he is the writer of Evangelism Outside the Box (IVP). Mr. MacDonald is minister of the Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and hosts Walk in the Word, a 30-minute everyday television show that can be found in stores across North America. Mr. Laurie is the founding father and minister of the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, with a narrator on the nationwide A New Beginning series.

Serving as an Harvest Crusade crusaderangelist, he is the writer of Why Believe (Tyndale).

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