Evento Market

The Evento Market

Self-employed freelancers offer online Evento market services that help you get the job done quickly. Check out the website for cheap Evento market UK based services. There are no tickets available as this event is already over. Learn what's happening at Queen Victoria Market and what you can do in Melbourne. Activities, festivals, events and specials.

Worldwide market for entertaining contents

Explore and test the latest best-of-breed programs and find new affiliates in the biggest worldwide market for the year' entertaining experience on all platform. Take part in one of our one-hour topical meetings with your prospective partner or establish a networking with our various partner organisations at our various meetings. Join the most important TV executives and TV professionals, expand your reach and participate in special matching programs.

Improve your knowledge of the sector, research new businesses and keep up with the latest developments in the consumer electronics world. Sources and purchase the latest and greatest TV and web contents in every category. For us, market MIPs are a good and efficient way to reach all key players in the TV world.

It is important to always be clear about what the manufacturers are doing, about new tendencies in the way they do businesses..... Although exploring and acquiring through on-line catalogs and screens has undergone radical changes, face-to-face meeting and socializing are still critical to success and MIP remains an important market place for the sector.

ZDF, Luis Villanueva, A very important and important market in which the whole worldwide sector participates. In one place, combining doing good work, network, inspiring and intelligent.

Cookery course & market tour

The itinerary begins with a walk through La Boqueria, one of the most important market in Spain, with an account of the story of the area where it is situated, in the old city. This is followed by a hands-on cookery course with traditional dishes and an introduction to the story of tappingas in Spain.

At the end of the meal there is a delicious 12-course dinner in our kitchen, with the best wine prepared by our waiter in our own privacy area. PROPERTIES OF THE properties of the event are not available because this event is already over.

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Join us to get inspired to build your own unique and epic online media branding and networking with some of the best in the industry! More than 120 meetings and hands-on labs, presented by industry leaders and industry professionals from around the globe, will focus on strategic thinking, story-telling, ROI, supply creation, AI and more new thinking than you can imagine.

By 2017, we had 3,600 sellers from over 50 different nations - and we are expecting even more in 2018! Plus more brand names, more breaks, more practical laboratories, more network (yes, it's possible!) and more CONTENT! keynote speeches, session, network &entertain!

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