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With the new conference theme, you can add an unlimited number of events. Every event can have its own program, presentation, speakers, sponsors, etc.! The Evento is a simple Event & Amp;

Conference Wordpress template, with a clear and appealing design that looks perfect on desktop, tablet or mobile screens.

Events - Eventmanagement WordPress Theme by kosothemes

Thanks for buying CosmoThemes and one of our Premium WordPress Themes - your selection will be highly valued! The Evento WordPress Theme is an Eventmanagement solution designed for all types of events: congresses, fairs, exhibitions, workshops and corporate gatherings. With the new conference theme, you can create an infinite number of sessions.

Every meeting can have its own programme, its own presentations, lecturers, sponsors, etc.! Just archives old meetings and you have a new meeting on your title page. With our enhanced programme function, you can create a multi-day programme for your meeting and show it on virtually any of your pages using shortcuts or a broadget.

Any of your events can include an indefinite number of speeches, presenters, sponsorships, or exhibits. From the back-end menus, you can insert, modify or remove such postings and create links to any contents on your website. Adding your application or presentation page has never been so easy. Just use the short code function available for each posting or page, choose your meeting and the required resources for it.

Enclose pdf or doc file with your presentation so that attendees or visitors can easily access and use it. Use our integrated map/contact link to show your visitors your location. The main page uses 10 different page bars, so you can add as many broadgets as necessary to get the most out of your topic: registrations, programs, speeches, speaker, sponsors, exhibitor, webcam, latest blogs, etc.

Every contribution has built-in socially shared button that allows the user to click and advertise any of the contents of your conferencing site. Activate or deactivate them for a specific contribution or a specific conferencing function. It also uses drop-down menu, picture sizing, built-in related postings, and community story sharing, and comes with comprehensive tutorials to help get you up and running.

All topics can only be supported via ticket. - UpDate: Cosmo API outdated feature removed; - UpDate: CosmoNews() outdated feature removed; - UpDate: Security pretty Photo updated; - FIX: Twitter Widget: several bug fixes; - Fix loudspeaker picture sizes in side bar; - Fix this.

is not found bug; - fix problem with Wp3.6 compatible; - added options for pedal line copyrighted text; - fix tag and category; - fix a dozen bugs and hints for PHP 5.6; - added ability to associate application titles with any resources; - WordPress 3.6 compatible bug; add-ons:

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