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The Eventum is an incredibly easy to use and customizable WordPress theme for the event manager. Quickly launch a powerful event directory portal site with Templatic's Eventum theme. Use this WordPress plug-in to add the details of events added to Eventum to your email newsletter in the format of your choice. It is a Directory Child Theme designed to turn your website into an event portal.

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Which is the Eventum themme?... You wonder what you can use the Eventum themed for? Heaven is the boundary for what you can use Eventum for. In our demonstrations you will find ways to create your own event platform for niche markets such as sporting event, musical, dance, corporate event, conference, festival, workshop, course, course or speaker.

Now you can start a highly efficient and professionally designed website for everything you like. WordPress themes for your eventmanagement. This WordPress themes is a fast reacting style. Want to see how your entertainment application will look on different machines? Eventum is also a classy, high-performance and fast-reacting WordPress topic for the calendars of upcoming and upcoming sports with features for administrators, user and organizer.

Using a single pointer, a user can scroll over any date in the schedule to see what has happened. Shows the name of the business meeting, place, start and end date, and time. This is a hyperlink that points to the page with a complete listing of occurrences on the date where the cursor is placed. Organisers of special occasions can choose to include two kinds of special occasions - "Regular" and "Recurring" on your website.

These are the things organisers of special occasions can do with it.... Enables your end user to include both periodic and repeating incidents. Recurrent incidents can be replayed every day, every week, every month and every year, with extra choices for each one (e.g. selecting certain weekdays) up to the specified time range. Displays a listing of all upcoming incidents on the detail page of repeating incidents.

They may also levy additional (and of course recurring) charges for recurrent activities. Show the participants lists of activities and also help make activities about the city and encourage participation. Each business meeting detail page shows a complete listing of participants. This is an optional feature that allows the user to acknowledge their presence.

As with the participant lists, registered participants can also have the lists of all sessions in which they will participate. Specifically developed for the front-end eventlist pages, the tab pages are intended to help your user browse and register business meetings more quickly and easily. Each page of the calendar of activities has three tab pages for easy navigating, "Current, Kommend and Vergangen".

Administrators can set the standard tabs and views (Grid pane and Lists pane) for specific incidents. It is possible to associate an activity with an entry on your website. You can also allow your website visitors to associate your website with a list/platform they have entered. Organisers of special occasions can associate their own special occasions with any list/platform on your website via their own personalised dashboards.

There is a specialidebar widget provided that will help the user associate their own entry with their own one. If a connection is established, occurrences are displayed on the detail pages of the collection in a seperate tabs and do not disturb the initial contents. Allows you to add an incident to your calendars on the incident details page.

Use 4 built-in calendaring choices to always include them. There are four calendaring options: "iCal Calendar", "Google Calendar", "Yahoo Calendar" and "Outlook". We' ve made it compatible with the free WooCommerce plug-in, which offers you a WordPress topic for your WooCommerce activity bookings. Build a custom creation and associate it with your upcoming shows. The " Buy Now " pushbutton will appear on the details page, allowing you to buy your ticket for the show.

Although ticketing is not directly contained in Directories and Eventum, you can simply begin to sell ticketing with the Thread. It''s Woo-Commerce compliant, just plug in the plug-in and make a creation called "ticket". The WP Event Planner Topic allows you to submit free entries and offers many choices to help you make a successful event website.

Generate an infinite number of eventlistings. Member kind meeting with list of parcels. Recurrent payments with list of parcels. List of entitlement ownership (optional). Fee for the list of presented activities on the homepage, in category or both. Fee for certain types of specials. Search Engine Optimized is this topic and its source was developed with a view to Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

The Eventum software includes support for free Yoast and All In One free plug-ins, Google XML Sitemaps and All In One Schema. org Rich Snippets. You can use this SEO-friendly website resource for your website to build your own website in just a few moments. You can use Eventum in any languages! plug-in. It is a great resource if you want a multilingual website for your conference.

If you want to have Eventum translated into a non-English source text, use the MO-file. A WPML plug-in is not necessary. Are you looking for an event topic that promotes RTL programming (from right to left)? You can use this high-performance plug-in on your event platform to administer your contents with the frontend WordPress Notepad. Using this stunning page creator and its easy drag-and-drop user experience, you can easily design an appealing and reactive page and post lay-out and turn your site into a fully-fledged reservation system.

Enables the user to reserve hotels, rentals, car rentals, trips, dates or even restaurants and much more. Eventoum has been made compliant with some of your favourite WordPress plug-ins. With this topic an immediate scan is possible. Website viewers can evaluate your event and post ratings on your site.

Modifiable e-mail template contained. Adjust the topic colours directly from the administration area to your colour schemes. The design uses fantastic Google fonts to give it a one-of-a-kind look. Contains things like free add-ons, third parties' lists of plug-ins, topic and plug-in instructions, over 75 online tutorials, and more. With Eventum if you want to levy fees for events entries.

The simplest topic for a beginner like me to create my own website. Templatic's great level of technical assistance has made a difficult job simple. When you are considering getting a WP topic, don't delay, Templatic is the best. Grab this feature-rich WordPress event topic at a fraction ofthe costs of creating it.

Eventum is the tool you use to start the web site you dreamed of. No doubt this events directories topic will amaze your user and your events organisers.

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