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Eachstockphoto is a license-specific photo search engine that offers licensed photos from various sources in its search. Eachstockphoto. com is a search engine for freely licensed photos on the Internet!

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CC licenced BI Content Portal: This is a CC-licensed Web site based content feed: Free photo searching engine, focusing on CC and PD ressources. It has good extended searching capabilities and provides free memberships, pull & fall collection, review, tagging und forums in. Their use of this Wiki is subject to the conditions of use.

EverStockPhoto and Iotophoto - Photo galleries by Kreative Commons

EverStockPhoto and Yotophoto both aim to resolve the same problem: to find creatively commodons licenced pictures on the web. Everystockphoto.com is a private photo finder based in Vancouver, BC, for searching for your favorite pictures of comms. The Yotophoto is the first web browser to look for freely available archive pictures and pictures.

Now, over 150,000 creatives commons, public domain, GNU FDL and various other copiesleft pictures are indexed. Now, these are likely to become market places - for example, if EveryStockPhoto shows a photograph purchased from Flickr, it will show information about the creator. And if the ministry could offer a way to track this individual down or - even better - buy a licence to re-use the photograph for commercial purposes, they would clearly be on to something.

I will not warm up the points I have made many previous occasions, but it is enough to say that sales shares, deals and market places have a brilliant outlook.


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