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Telephone number Eweb

Homepage of the EWEB employees Federal Credit Union. Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) is Oregon's largest customer-owned utility. The following are the available ECC agencies, their location, their telephone number and the time they open their waiting lists. Merry Friday from EWEB's Run to Stay Warm!

Don't ever miss your EWEB invoice again.

Water & Electric EUG (@EWEButility)

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The EWEB alerts clients of fraud

EUGENE, Ore -- The Eugene Water and Electric Board warns consumers of fraud allegedly directed at small companies. As EWEB says, fraudsters tell their goals that if they don't pay in 30 mins, their electricity will be turned off. According to the firm, fraudsters "fake" their primary phone number on the calling party ID and replicate the service phone's salute to appear genuine and believable.

A company even said there was a fraud call in a lorry that resembled an EWEB lorry. As EWEB says, if no payment is made, there will never be a threat to switch off the electricity within an hours time.

Imaginative fraudsters who turn to EWEB clients.

EUGENE, Ore -- The Eugene Water & Electric Board says it regularly gets coverage of various fraud scams to steal clients. Recent targets of fraudsters seem to be small companies who are on the phone or personally said that their electricity will be turned off unless they pay within 30 mins, according to the utilities company.

"Fraudsters create a feeling of emergency and threaten to turn off the electricity within about an hours if payments are not made," said EWEB in a press brief. "Never does EWEB enter into such agreements with overdue customers." During the last rip-off the fraudsters were able to "forge" EWEB's primary number on the customer's calling ID and apparently copied the utility's welcome note.

A small company even told of a fraudster visiting an EWEB lorry with a "look alike". Should a client have any doubts about the genuineness of a call or attendance, in particular if he has not been sent a reminder, he should immediately call EWEB's After Sales Services at (541) 685-7000.

Notify the Oregon Public Prosecutor's Department of Fraud Allegations by phoning the Oregon Consumers Helpline at 877-877-9392 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or sending an email to help@oregonconsumer.gov.

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