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Planning EXACT TIMES Dates. Every appointment is scheduled hourly. Every appointment is scheduled hourly. Can I change JIRA to show the exact activity time? Sequence of planned appointments is perfectly readable by using the exact time display in the RadScheduler component for ASP.


Every possibility in Github.com to see the exact date for a transfer or unblock.

I' m using student computing software named jithub to enter a coding task. I have a stringent filing period and would like to be able to verify the period at which their clearance was filed. Unfortunately, the only thing reported by fithub is how many previous commits or releases took place. Do you have a (fast) way to determine the exact clocks?

When you hover the cursor over the xx minutes|hours\... ago tag, a utility tip is shown showing the amount of times the transfer was made. Note that the jit histories can be written again (see e.g. jit committed --amend or jit filter-branch commands) and that this indicated period of timeout should not be taken as a reliable evidence.

slave together a basic scripts that would drag the twig at the cutting position, mark it (with a commented tag) and then press the day up to the gig hub. It gives you a glimpse of the twig at that particular moment, marked with the date the day was intersected AND the tagger's name.

This last part is especially useful for pupils who think they are smart. Rummage in other queries with the tag qithub or ask your own query.

Modify JIRA to display the exact activation period.

What can I do to modify JIRA to display the exact activation number? Suppose I have a problem and modify its state to one of our user-defined work flow states - for example: AWAY. And then I do the work and end the work on this topic. Now, I want to record my work against the problem.

I' m going to go review the problem my activities tabs to see when I set the state to ENTER, but it says: 1 hour ago. In JIRA, is there a preference that displays the exact hour for the problem map? 1: 53 mins ago OR just show me the exact date and where::

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