Exact Time Clock

Precise timer

Timer app for mobile time recording Verifies the identity of each employee while he or she logs in or out of our time recording system. Information is safely retained until the wireless services are available. < and other laws). Further advantages of our clock generator and clock generator app: It' simple for your employees to record time on their own device: just touch grĂ¼n to get started and rot to stop.

Superiors can use our time recording to record several staff members at once, to arrive for a pre-selected team or to create a team on site from the fields. Staff members choose their tasks from a user-defined dropdown while they are checking in, and superiors do the same for their crews.

Switching from one task to another during the course of the daily routine is as easy as checking out one "cost code" to another. Verify that employees are entering and leaving the site. Set custom GPS-based geographces for each site or construction site. Short checks indicate whether someone has entered or left the site.

Maintain an eye on the site information of employees for migrant or construction site work. Receive real-time breadcrumb information about your position and cruising pace while at work - with very little benefit and no watch-tracing. The FaceFront Biometrics uses the front of your phone to take a picture of every person when they get in and out.

Notices can be immediately accessed in our web-based application and are saved for ease of use. Staff members respond to basic "yes" or "no" question about pauses or injury at work while making changes to our staff watch in the application. Simply group staff or expense code by departments or crews so that superiors and executives don't have to scroll through unrelated information before taking over or managing their people.

Receive the latest detail on each construction site on a unique display within our timer application. With SiteHub, you can easily check time in, costs codes activities, and other real-time update information in the blink of an eye - for a better overview on the go. Display a chart showing an exact point for each employee, timed across fields on the basis of their position on Global Positioning System (GPS), so you can better track your project and crew.

Select your favorite machine-based languages to make it easier for your Spanish-speaking crew or boss.

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