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The exact time we have is the current time and seconds, so you can check the actual time difference between your computer/mobile clock and our web clock. Year Month Day Hour Hour Minute Second]. In Excel, use the NOW() function to display the current date and time. Just click on it and date prints the date and time to switch off.

This is how you append the actual time to a Google spreadsheet

I have always loved Google Spreadsheets. Being an early adopter I quickly moved to the Google Docs application after Google stopped the Google Notebook and since then I've been glad to see all the heavy work and hundred of enhancements that the Google Docs staff has introduced.

Docs (and Spreadsheets) have always been the most trusted Google application for me and, as with all really great applications, there are many (partially) latent functionality in Google spreadsheets that you may have been surprised to find. Today's article is about two really great Google spread sheet capabilities that let you always see the latest date and time in your spread sheet.

It will be especially useful if you use Google Spreadsheets to keep tabs on your jobs and results, schedule your workweek, keep tabs on your financials, etc. =TEXT( NOW()) is a high-level adjustable Google Spreadsheet feature that retrieves the date and time of the computer system in a celle. Caution: The feature value is refreshed when your documents are "recalculated", which means that if you do not make any changes to the documents, you will not see the actual date and time.

What is fantastic about this feature is that it has many available parameter that make it possible to reformat the date and time in different ways): Here is a fantastic spread sheet containing all available parameter and application samples. The above feature does not work if you are planning to post the spread sheet to the web (as I mentioned earlier), it will only update if you are editing the actual spread sheet (i.e. entering, editing or deleting a value in any cell).

There is another useful feature for released and rare updates of spread sheets that can be really useful (undocumented, but contained in the Google spread sheet format builder). When you use the =GoogleClock() feature in a spreadsheet, it will be refreshed whenever you look at the spread sheet itself (including the common display).

Also, when you post a calculation table as a web page, it is refreshed every 5 min as well. It always gives the actual date and time in the following form (unless there are parameter I don't know): Notice: Here are similar features for Microsoft Excel (also upgraded live).

Do you know any other time managing features in Google Spreadsheets?

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