Exact Time right now

Precise time at the moment

To find the exact time when a tweet was published there was a bulletin in the air. It could be 55 seconds ago, 19 min ago, or 1h or more. Twitter.com tends to group time stamps around one or more lessons so that you get many time stamps with the same time stamp (i.e.

2 lessons ago), even if they were published in very different places over that lesson.

If you move to one or more dates, Twitter.com will show you a date or 5 dates ago, but will not tell you anything about the time. It' actually unbelievably easy - all you have to do is place your cursor over the time stamp on Twitter.com, either in your news Feed or within the tweets you want, and Twitter will show you the time the Twitter was published via a small pop-up window.

For example, here is a teet that was taken from our news this morning. Note that it says it was released five and a half ours ago. So you can make a guess about the time it was booked, but that's it. If you move the mouse over the time stamp part of the Tweets, however, you can see the exact time.

Please be aware that this time is the locale time for you, dependent on your time zone setting on Twitter. When you' re in New York, the time stamp will show 6:04 AM. Now, sometimes you will want to know exactly when a whisper was post, certainly if you follow the sequence of occurrences of an important history.

This is the first ever teet by Jack Dorsey, 21 March 2006. Notice that when Twitter goes backweets, Twitter sets a full date on them. We don't see the time. So move the mouse over the date again and the time the item was post will be displayed. Again, this is in my time.

Twitter (and Jack) are located in San Francisco, this is PDT. The PDT is GMT minus 8 hrs, which means that Jack posted the first ever San Francisco PDT at 12:08 pm on March 21, 2006. However, Twitter will not be able to help you.

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