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Flexible Kirchen-WordPress theme with a wide and flat design. Create a modern church website with the theme Exodus. Churchthemes.com's Exodus WordPress theme is a niche/other theme licensed under the GNU General Public License. The Exodus is a WordPress theme for building a modern church website.

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This is a WordPress theme of the churches, simple and minimalist, with a broad and slim theme. The Exodus is a WordPress theme for creating a contemporary churches website. There is a slim styling and a broad lay-out. It' s fast, so it looks really broad on desktops, but adjusts to telephone and chart displays for a portable, enhanced visual environment.

The Exodus is easy to customize without the need for programming or designing skills, and fully leverages the benefits of the WordPress Theme Customizer. With this function you can see a real-time pre-view of colour, fonts, logo settings and other options. As with all our WordPress topics, Exodus has functions for churches' Web sites. The WordPress itself contains a blogs, picture gallery and the possibility to build any number of user-defined pages with the contents of your choise (services, creed and so on).

In our tutorials and video, you'll find a step-by-step guide to setting up your new WordPress Exodus website. Included in your order is an annual update and website maintenance plan.

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These guidelines cover functions that are specific to Exodus and are not dealt with in the general guidelines. Please refer to the Exodus homepage guidelines. The majority of administrative areas that allow an picture to be uploaded show the sizes to which the picture is trimmed/modified. Use 450×100 as the max suggested area. The HiDPI logo manual can also be found here.

Foils and side markers stretch beyond the contents area. Galery photographs and photographs embeded in the contents can be any large, and the design shows a smaller scale for better presentation, but the original photographs are saved on the servers. Translations of the following are contained in the topic's language folders.

Translation for the Church Content plug-in is available on the plug-in page. Photographs and video clips used in the theme demonstration are not licenced for redistribution and are not part of the theme. See the Updating Manual for directions on how to upgrade the topic. Updated compatibility: This edition supports Church Content Pro and the WordPress new Gutenberg editors ( Classic editors are still highly appreciated for WordPress 5.0 and above).

Also covers changes in WordPress 4.9.x and enhances the PHP 7ompatibility. Upgrade the frameworks to 2.4. Supports Church Content Pro add-on functionality. Added experimentation assistance for the Gutenberg editors betas. Eliminate conflicts with AppPresser regarding topic updating. If the Church Content plug-in is not active, try to eliminate several bugs.

Added WordPress 4.9 WordPress 4.9 approval check box. and 6 (compatibility). Customize the styles for the upgraded WordPress 4 WordPress 4 multimedia players. Nine (compatibility). Enhance WordPress 4. Compatible with exodus-wp-4-8-or-less bodies (compatibility). Enhance the slider_speed interoperability with PHP 7. and 1 (compatibility). Interoperability Update: This is to ensure interoperability with WordPress 4. We recommend that all editors upgrade their players to make sure that the appearance of the sound players is correct to avoid mistakes when changing motifs.

Updating the frameworks to 2.2.2 (including the changes in 2.2 and 2.2.1). Customize the style to WordPress 4. 9 upgraded audio/video players (compatibility). Avoid mistakes with the topic preview in the customizer and with the motif change (compatibility). In the Customizer, move additional CSS down. Refresh your voice file. Updating the frameworks to 2.1.

Disallow the ability to refresh the topic with another WordPress.org topic of the same name. Added full functionality for the new ctfw-loop-after-content-used frameworks. Upgrade the Topic Updates of Easy Digital Downloads Software License Updates now. Substitute copies of "Church Theme Content" with "Church Content" - rebranded plug-in. Optimize: Optimize the text of the refresh hint. Optimize: Remove text tag when outputting the text logos when switching from a topic that allows HTML.

Drag and drop extra CSS down in the Customizer. Superfish updated from 1.7. Disables supporting ctfw-body-classes; not used with this design. Interoperability update: This fix fixes an issue where Google Maps stops showing up (first report dated September 7th). At the end, Google has made a modification with which the theme is now interoperable.

Updating is required to make sure that all your cards are still displayed (this is not related to the new request for an additional interface). Updated compatibility: This patch contains changes related to WordPress 4.4. Refresh both the theme and WordPress for the best viewing experiences. Updated compatibility: This patch contains changes related to WordPress 4.4.

Refresh both the theme and WordPress for the best viewing experiences. Updating compatibility: It is important that you upgrade the design to this release before WordPress 4. WorldPress 4. Activate Site Identity / Site Icon in Customizer with WordPress 4.3. Change Logo & Tagline to Header & Logo in Customizer. Drag the Customizer item to suppress the Breadcrumb pathname in Header & Logo, since the navigation section will be superseded in WordPress 4.3.

Updated exodus. pots locale for adding lacking context (thanks FeG Dresden).

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