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The extra has come - say hello to our most powerfull magazine topic so far, driven by Divi Builders. It'?s extra at last. Extra is supported by Divi Builder and expanded by new moduls and a new layoutsystem and is the most powerfull topic of our magazines collections. While Divi's strengths lie in its versatile and broad application base, Extra follows a focussed strategy and adapts its styles to the needs of blogs and on-line publishing.

Make breathtaking, story-driven contributions with Divi Builder's wide selection of authoring tools. Easily design a wide range of categories and home page designs with Extra's new Categories Builder and a new suite of user-defined post-based module. Get in touch with your users via the integrated rating system of Extra and the integrated inclusion of your own people. Customise everything with a myriad of themed customisation features and take full benefit of Extra's easy-to-use page styles, widgets as well as page design preferences.

The Extra is the flawless proof-of-concept for what a user-defined Divi Builders topic can be. Much of the functionality you've already experienced in Divi has come from our work on Extra and has led us to integrate Divi builder into the scalable, expandable frameworks it has become today.

The second topic supported by Divi Builders is Extra, and in many ways it is our way of showing what Divi Builders can do. Last year we worked in parallel on Divi and Extra, and both topics have increased as their common frameworks have been enhanced and extended.

It uses the advantages of the Divi Builders module based frameworks and extends them with some new and exciting things. We' re pleased to show you how the Divi Builders can be customized in the hope that designers will be emboldened to do the same when creating their own customized Divi Builders enhancements.

This additional topic is similar to Divi, except that it uses Divi Builders in different ways and packs them into a fresh bundle that concentrates on the needs of on-line publishing. It' extra like Divi, except it's designed for magazinestyle web sites. The Divi Builders support Extra, which means it comes with the same build engine as Divi and our Divi Builders plugin.

With the Builders drag-and-drop user experience, myriad styling choices, and customized stylesheet functionality, you can create almost anything without ever having to touch a line of coding. Divi Builders come with over 40 contents engines that are like bricks to your site. Divi Builders is the ideal complement to Extra and its quest to be the best subject for blogs and on-line publishing.

Divi Builders allow you to create advanced story-driven contributions that would not be possible with WordPress's default mailditor. Extra's most important innovative feature is the Categorie builder, an addition to the Divi builder that adds a new suite of module types to create a wide range of different homepage and categorie styles.

Dependent on the kind of website you are building, be it a modest blogsite or a huge news gathering site, you can customize your postfeed to the needs of your contents. Inside the Category Builder there is a new series of Divi Builders module, each of which uniquely display a news item feedback stream.

Easily add a news item to your blog with the Mail modules by adjusting category settings and sort by various types such as Most Recent, Highest Rated or Most Popular. The Featured Mail Viewer allows you to view your most beloved and beloved postings. It uses large and nice images in its full width, but also works great in smaller column sizes.

The Tabbed Messages module is ideal for this purpose, as it allows you to divide different catagories into a unique collection of tab pages. Postcarousel is ideal for photocentric contributions. It is also a good way to consolidated the data area so that your users can browse through a list of articles horizontally. This is where Extra's Postformats come to live and give the food a marvellous variety.

There would be no blog-centric topic without a basic default blogseed. So if you're looking for a great way to build a traditional postfeed, the Blogs Feeding Default is all you need. You have to make a lot of profit from your on-line publication, which is why Extra makes it really straightforward to embed ads directly into your categorieseed.

They can be added either by hand through our Advertising Engine, or you can use the Extra coding engine to enter third-party ad encoding. Extra does not limit you to displaying advertisements in default areas such as the sidebar, header, or footer. The Extra Category Builder allows you to place advertisements directly in your postfeeds to increase exposure.

Additional includes a few different headline styles, and when it' tied in with the colour, fonts and size settings in the custom ize themes, all types of different headlines can be made. Special also comes with fixed nav. If this option is checked, your main navigator will remain at the top of your web page to make sure your users have simple control over the most important link(s) on your site.

More than just your default listing type super meal. We have also added post-based pop-up windows that can show marked items or current items from certain catagories. Our mega-menu of items presented shows three large items from the catagory that you have added to your navigator. As well as clicking on the primary hyperlink to go to the categorie page, users can also get fast instant links to current content directly from the drop-down box.

Articelist items are similar to the items presented in the item lists, except that they fit more items in the assigned place. There will be two large contributions and 4 smaller contributions. Default listing type super megalogs are also available in Extra. SiteCards are ready-made pages that make it simple for you to launch your new sites with the fundamentals.

Extra includes all the default page layouts you may know, as well as some new ones designed specifically for the needs of on-line publishing. An entertaining way to view a catalogue of your most recent contributions in a calendar-like style is the time line.

Browse down to go back in track, or click on a required months to see contributions from that point in the story. Use of the Autorenseitevorlage templates displays an automatic listing of all your blog's contributors with a hyperlink to their contributions. With Extra you can also enter various information about your writers, all of which will be added to the writers page (e.g. include your own RSS feed, your own logo, your own logo, etc.).

Your Project Page Style Sheet displays a project galery for you to viewutomatically. A project is a user-defined mail client that comes with Extra. Each time you add a new project, the element appears in your Portfolio page style sheet and in your Divi Builder Portfolio engine. Blogseed Page Preferences creates a listing of all your recent blogs and displays them in a default blogs mode.

With this page layout, it's simple to view an extra-style WordPress log-in forms theme. It' simple to build a site map for your own website that gives your site users and searchengines everything they need to browse your blogs. The Extra also comes with a full-width page layout that eliminates the side bar and gives you more room to breath.

It' especially useful in combination with the Divi Builders, which gives you more room to enjoy with its tens of customized tiles. The Extra comes with its own user-defined rating system that allows you to generate ratings of products with in-depth functionalities. Once you have reviewed, you can view your latest reviewed articles in the side bar or bottom of the last reviewed article widget.

We' ve made our own customized Recent Posts widget for Extra, which will add more visible items to the news item (e.g. pictures presented) and give you more power over what you see. Like all user-defined Widget, it has been redesigned in an extra look. The Extra has several functions that focus on postal writers and give them more focus throughout the topic.

Authors Witget shows a listing of authors with their picture gallery and a postfeed linked to it. Without this, no topic would be completely blogged. We' ve developed a customized Follow Us ed for Extra that can be synchronized with your Facebook and Twitter contacts to show a hyperlink to your page and auto-maggregate and show your followers.

You can link the tweet to your tweet site in order to see a listing of the latest news from your Pub. The Extra option allows different mail format, including the Video Mail format. Recent Video Widget makes it simple to view a complete listing of all your latest video and show it in your side bar.

We have redesigned the logon widget to give your additional side bar or bottom line a great look. When you have a member system that complements your on-line publishing, this widget makes it easier for your customers to sign in and gain control of their goods. With the advertising widget it is simple to insert arbitrary sized advertisements into your side bar or bottom line.

You can use the Movie Mail file type to support third-party movies such as Youtube and Vimeo, as well as host movies that have been added to your WordPress install. The creation of a contribution is as simple as copy and paste a Youtube URL into the preferences window of your contribution formats. Galerie Mail takes a sample of pictures and turns them into a slide show.

Audiopost places an HTML5 audioplayer directly into the postfeed. "Hyperlink mail formats are the ideal way to give meaning to the links you write about. Quotation mail formats will give special meaning to the quotation and the writer by being placed at the top of your contribution in a colourful carton.

Chart mail integrates a Google Maps position at the top of your message. Just enter an adress and Extra will do the work! The Extra comes with a user-defined and fully-fledged rating system that gives you an easy way to add ratings to your own blogs. That makes Extra the ideal topic for operating your own reviewsite.

You can not only review your own contributions, but also allow users to review your contributions. It' a great way to measure users' response to every review you make and give your fans a new way to interact with your site. Scores are shown optional both on the posting and in each of the extra mail moduls.

Extra was developed with a particular focus on the WooCommerce platform integrations. Pages and category of products have been created to make you look at home in an extra slim and contemporary look. We' ve individually created every single WooCommerce item for Extra. The WooCommerce Widget has also been redesigned to look great in the Extra side bar along with the remainder of the Extra custom Widget.

Extra has its own mail types for project work. The Extra makes it perfectly simple to adapt every facet of the look of your work. The WordPress themme customizer lets you personalize tens of different settings, among them user-defined scripts, colours, sizes, distances and various extra layouts. Every tweak you make in your themes customizer displays your customizations in live view so you can see exactly how your changes impact the look and feel of your website.

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