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There is no option in the Extra Topic to change the background color of widget titles. Improvement of the additional topic Extra Theme comes with a Featured Potss module that lets you view a variety of postings in a simple, distinctive slide control. In order to get to one of the postings, your user usually has to click on the posting header, a pretty small destination...

..... Another styles that is currently lacking in the Extra Topic is the ability to specify the wallpaper colour of the root Widget area.

You can change the backcolor with the following CSS: footer#footer { background-color: It's a compilation of my hints to get the most out of the theme. Go get yourself an extra!

Special WordPress theme of elegant themes

The Extra Theme is one of the latest themed editions of Elegant Themes. Based on the Divi-Builder and with several new moduls and a lay-out system, this is an outstanding theme for the development of magazines, portfolios, news, pro or company web sites. Today I will take a closer look at the topic Extra WordPress and examine what is possible with it.

Extra offers a large amount of contents on the homepage as a topic for magazines. This page starts with a small panel with your favourite articles, a small list of your favourite articles, a small list of your favourite articles and a flash of news. Since Extra is built in with the Megamenu function, it is possible to show all necessary hyperlinks in the navigational area.

Below you can see different contributions from different catagories in different order. On the right side there is a side bar for the individual contributions. Especially comes with two extra blog page laysouts - normal and bricked. Correct placement shows the contributions with a large thumbnail of the picture shown.

If you want to emphasize your photo-centered contributions, the "Post-Carousel" is specially conceived for you. Displays the contributions in a horizontal format, with an emphasis on the presented pictures. Advertising is an integrated part of any website for newspapers and magazines. Extra is also well prepared for this job.

With the " Advertising " or " Code " modules you can quickly and easily place any advertisement anywhere. The ePanel is the default ePanel in all ElegantThemes topics. It can be found under Extra -> Topicoptionen. ePanel provides many default adjustment choices such as logos, favoricon, navigation, side bar, advanced search (SEO) preferences, user-defined code and ADM.

What are the design adjustment settings? The next item is the Theme Customizer. Whilst you can select the post and page layout in the Divi Editor, the customisation settings are elsewhere. The adjustment settings can be accessed under Extra -> Theme Customizer. Available choices are subdivided into several parts.

General Preferences contains the basic layouts, typefaces, and backgroundsettings. Below them, the sub-section Type Setting, you can select the title and typeface as well as their colours and sizing. Head and Browse Settings" section contains the necessary items to customize the Head and Browse Menus items.

Header Settings contains page layouts, type, and header items. Each of these settings is also available for the buttons hyper-style. These ' must contain the possibility to link to different types of different types of online sites. The Site Identity section contains site identity settings such as the page header, tagsline, and favoricon.

The ' Status Title Page', the last section allows you to select a status title page and the standard categories page design. The role editor is a very useful tool that has recently been added to all ElegantThemes topics. Once you are comfortable with the Divi theme, you will also be at home with the extra theme.

Builders can also be used for novices. As you get used to the choices, you'll find them very useful for creating your own layout. The new theme, while built on the Divi-Builder, is more focused on the needs of on-line publishing. Divi Builders is equipped with specific Extra categoriesupport.

Using new post-based moduls it is possible to use the high-performance Dragging & Dropping Page builder on the homepage and in the category. Postfeed, Postcarousel, tabbed messages, Post-Slider, Standard-Blog, Masonry-Blog, etc. will be useful to show contents with different style in different places.

Together with the new ones all moduls of the Divi-Builder could be completely adapted. Now you can design any kind of layouts, even the usual ones like two pillars, three pillars and four pillars. After you have selected a modul, you will find the corresponding personalisation option in the opening dialog.

You have three tabbed pages for the General Settings, Advanced Design Settings, and User Defined CSS settings. The first two tab bed pages contain the general adjustment settings, but you can use the last one to supply user-defined style sheet text for this modul. There are three choices at the bottom. The ' Store & Save To Library' button inserts the modul and stores the user-defined modul for later use.

There is an indicator in the center for the preview of the modules in desktops, tablets and portable workstations. Lastly, the'Save & Exit' button saves the ad engine and returns to the layout editors. The bottom of each section provides individual choices for creating a default profile, a full-width profile, or a special section.

You can also use some administration features for the section and row. To open the preferences, click on the corresponding burger-symbol. With the exception of the background, all these selections are also available for the lines. The majority of today's newscast, journal or business web sites have more than one menu. Extra comes with this optional extra fitted.

This theme is also equipped with various optional features for your online presence. Plus, the customized Follow Us feature allows you to view your link to different types of Follow Us along with the number of follower you have. To maximize usability, the corresponding contributions and information are placed directly behind the contributions.

It also has a system of evaluation and verification that will be useful for web sites in niches. Also you can allow your users to evaluate your contributions. Evaluating the contributions also changes the ranking. It is not only an indication of the attractiveness of the post, but it is also possible to rank the contributions according to their averages.

And last but not least, Extra is also fully WooCommerce compliant. The Extra Theme offers many price choices with different licensing styles. Its simplest setting begins at $69, which gives users easy control over all 87 Elegant Topics theme items. As Elegant Topics is one of the eagerly awaited theme stores, the Elegant Topics staff also concentrated on a thorough evaluation of their other product lines such as Divi Theme, Nexus Theme & Bloom Plugin.

Additional topic comes with so many choices that it is not possible to handle all the functions in a brief reviews like this. This Extra Theme Review has tried to concentrate on the most useful feature. However, the real issue comes with several other choices. The best way to get your fingers on all the functions is to be an ElegantThemes subscriber and use the design itself.

Don't let's lose track of your experiences once you've used the theme.

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