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Yilarious coincidental start-up website generator is quite fucking real. "The following is a list of the options that you can select: "); }); try { $("div.lazyload_blox_ad").

lazyLoadAd({ threshold : 0, // You can specify how near the border display should come before it is uploaded. The default is 0 (if it is visible). powerLoad: true, // Display is charged even if it is not on. Standard is wrong. onLoad : false, by default calling and charging call-back functions have the same effect as calling and charging call-back functions have the same effect. inComplete : wrong, by default call-back functions have the same effect as charging call-back functions have the same effect as charging call-back functions have:

1500, // Timeout ad load debug : false, and // Use for debit: color drawing limit depending on charge condition xray: true // Use for debug: show full page with ad placement }) ; } catch und exception){ console. log("error loading lazyload_ad " + exception); } A couple of Georgia Tech computer scientists have built a random start website generator that will spit out a different, jargon-laden start website each click on the link.

If you find them entertaining, take a look at the current REALEN start-ups that have received this year' s VC financing, and see the REALEN start-ups' name. ike Bradley and Tiffany Zhang's casual start-up website generator, which they did as a side job on Spring Break to practise their web coding, attracted some interest this weekend after Zhang dumped him on Hacker News and Reddit.

Javascript based website with a strongly changed bootstrap as basis is created using set chance numbers - so the number in the web page can be the whole website. Results come from listings of words stuffed in the Mad Lib language with optimizations to make sure things make good use, says Bradley.

Bradley explained on his own website that the generator "serves as a spoof of start-ups who have sites with little credit and little information about their real businesses, often because they have little to show in this respect. The generator not only produces web pages, but also the default pages you like, such as About, Our Team and Contact, with the boring client quotations and staff headings (e.g. CJO...?).

Those kind of random number generator are apparently the kind of thing Georgia Tech college kids do. And Bradley also mentions a decent name generator on his website and Zhang has a coincidental colour generator on his. Previously, Zhang and Bradley also used Invisible Ink, a step-nography programme to hide news in pictures.

As Bradley says, he's never worked for a start-up before, but would be open to it. "As we satirize general start-up sites, we're really making a joke of the kind of start-up that tries to stay in business without having sound ideas," he says. To operate a prosperous website, we and certain third party companies use cookie technology as well as access and storage of information on your computer for various uses.

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