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First, choose a template / theme you love. The use of a specific theme in a fashion photography project opens up an unlimited range of creative possibilities. I' m working on a photo shoot right now.

Fresh fashion photography portfolio examples of 25 emerging star

Some of the best fashion photography portals have a tendency to keep things easy. Have a look at a current issue of your favourite arts or fashion magazines - you'll probably see a lot of whitespace with few designs and plain text. Following this aesthetical tendency, the fashion photographers' collections tended towards extremely simplistic and their work remained the focus of attention.

Coming from Los Angeles to Melbourne, these filmmakers are playing with idiosyncratic postures and alternate post-production methods to get pictures worth publishing in fashion magazine. There are 25 up-and-coming fashion shooters here for you to keep an eye on. Tasha Tylee, a contemporary Melbourne resident, has a beautiful, surround and often avant-garde work. Your collection emphasizes individual pictures and mixes fashion photography with landscaping and individual project to give the visitor a complete view of their photography.

The Olesya Asanova collection includes a breathtaking collage that provides a glimpse into the work of the London professional artist. Asanova' s photography has a feeling of the 90s due to the subtle colours and the often granular character of her pictures. Headquartered in New York, Helen Eriksson, a Swede from Sweden, keeps her collection stylish and with plenty of room for whites.

Their works, which felt modern and highly fashionable, were published in Nylon, Refinery29 and Oyster. Born in Melbourne, Melbourne-based Melbourne artist i-D, Ignant and Oyster are among her publisher's credentials. She produces pictures with a sumptuous, royal flair that somehow seem conveyed from another age. Besides fashion photography she is also engaged in conceptional work.

Carey?s fashion photos are open, spontaneous and very classical at the same as well. It feels like a still from a decades-old film. Carey offers a comprehensive side bar feature that makes it easy for users to browse between different images that have been released. Krecicki Nikki Krecicki fashion photography is dreaming and surreal, next to pictures of the beach and covered courtyards.

" Today located in Brooklyn, it is easily seen how southern life has affected Krecicki's work, which felt fresh non-New York style of meditation. Linda McIntosh, headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, is both a fashion designer and a fashion designer. Their shots are bold and funny: themes are "Clickbait" (Internet aesthetics, many chains), "Primary Cool" (bright colours, school playground scenery) and "Don't Mesh With Us" (too much casual clothing).

Your photo collection includes photographs that fill the whole display and give your pictures an everlasting feeling. The New York shooter, whose customers include Nylon and Lazy Oaf, uses a grid-based land page to instantly present her complete product range to his or her customers. And Haley has also designed a highly granular head dropdown that makes it very easy to find different contents in her portfolios.

Monet Lucki, a contemporary in New York, ranges between high fashion (Vogue, Fashion Week Backstage) and private, individual work that encompasses portrait and scenic work. Lucki's portofolio allows easy navigating between her diverse works, which she reduces again and again, with only three image catagories and a seperate page for media reports.

The London based artist has worked with Dazed & Confused, Sicky and Coeval publishing houses. In Shawn Paul Tan's book collection, various works are organized on a loosely arranged screen, with a vertically arranged scrolling that gives his work a slightly narrative touch. The superpure and classical aesthetics of British filmmaker Constance Victoria Phillips has led to her tough shots with Nike and Urban Outfitters.

Your collection shows a multitude of works in a clear raster, an excellent way to present the portrait that is your speciality. The fashion sections of London's Jordan Groves are combining collar and photography to a contemporary look. While she uses a plain scroller to present her work, the diversity of different sizes of pictures, placed on top of each other or on found material next to each other, gives her work an immediate feeling of interactivity.

Deeying draws your instant eye to himself with a page that contains a loops of his best pictures. New York photographer's glossy grey side bar dinner is a distinctive note that lends an otherwise modest collection some character. Deeying's ability to have photographs fill the whole display also contributes to giving its product range a powerful effect.

Interview Magazine's interview magazine photojournalist has produced a superbly reduced collection to take a simple look at his work. With a click-through galleries of under 100 pictures, Stas May's minimum collection is well placed to showcase his work, with short picture headings under photographs that add a certain amount of perspective. The London based Rebecca Elizabeth Tate shows various full-length photographs, emphasising only one or two pictures at a stretch to give her portfolios a sense of curation.

Danny Lim, a photographer from Malaysia, has a Landing Page that will immediately take you into his work with a close-up view. He has worked with magazines like Elle and Nylon and his pictures are refreshing and new. Wendy Huynh's pictures, living between Paris and London, are imaginative, fun and eye-catching.

It was filmed for the high-end roadwear label Sansnom as well as for a Central Saint Martins x Gucci campaign and shows an inventive choice of individual as well as travelling photography work. Huynh keeps his product range professionally organised by organising various tasks under seperate drop-down menu items. Sydney' s photography collection mirrors the bright, natural and colourful character of her work, with a colourful, customised logotype at the top of the page showing her pictures in a basic montage below.

The Nour colour coordinated their meal link to their own logos, a small touches that makes a big contribution to making their portfolios team up. The fashion photographer Katt Webster, who is currently a London graduate, is creating a nude bone folder with a vertical scroll pattern. Using only one page, Webster presents her work and offers a brief intro to her colourful work.

The works of London artist Kevin Mason are genuine and sometimes chaotic. These attitudes are expressed in the fun atmosphere of his work, which is shown on a navigational display that allows the visitor to browse through a range of pictures. Productive LA geographer, he has fired for a multitude of magazines, from Nylon Singapore to Complex to Cosmopolitan.

It uses a side bar meal to organise its work into fashion, commercial and staff shootings. Jack Grayson, the Australia based traveling between London and Sydney, presents his work with a classical, minimalist collection that includes his works in a long side bar. Ukrainian geographer Tasya Kudryk works in Kiev, Berlin and Warsaw.

It uses a raster-based library to rearrange its recordings, which often contain ambient site imagery.

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