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For example, different page layouts allow you to separate the portfolio from the contact page. Stylish photographer portfolio WordPress theme. Hot 7 fashion themes for WordPress Whether you like it or not, fashion is an every day part of our life. For each garment, some will go mad, others will create their own line (more or less successful), some will take so much notice of footwear (yes, we're talkin' about you, girl) and even if you don't like fashion, you'll probably have your favourite make or colour of outfit.

Whilst the latter group will probably not launch their own fashion blogs or open a web shop so they can begin peddling clothing, those who are really into fashion will need a specific page layout. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a good-looking website where you can post about fashion or even market your own clothing line.

WordPress lets you know that you can find a large number of great themes for everything. If you are looking for the best WordPress fashion themes, you have come to the right place - in this section we'll show you some of the best WP themes specifically developed for fashion. Without any particular order, we begin with the one where you will probably find a listing deserving of installation on your servers.

Featuring a fast reacting brickwork blogs topic, this is a great option for anyone in the fashion world. Fashionista allows you to present your latest work in a contemporary way. Design allows you to specify a user-defined site width, so that you can design it 100% width, or you can select a width that you like.

There is so much more to the topic, so make sure you take a look at the demonstration page. A fully reactive premier topic specially developed for dressmakers and businesses. Menus can be put together with ease to divide men's and women's clothing, each section being structured as a beautiful on-line store.

Dragging & dropping function allows simple page building even for those who are new to WordPress, while WooCommerce assistance will help you construct your own shop on-line. So you can simply reinstall the demonstration contents, and there are many shortcuts that can be used with the themes, and there is no need not to try it out.

Lavan may be the place for you if you're looking for a topic where you want to present your clothing with beautiful pictures. It allows you to show large pictures on your website and there are plenty of portfolio template options that make the subject ideal for presenting pictures and video.

It' all in the head of topic designers, so you can embed your own blogs to accompany the pictures well, and if you have something to offer for sale, the demonstration page will show you how simple it is to shop on-line with this topic. If you want to attract people' eyes with your pictures, Angel is the topic for you.

It was developed for the fashion industry and features a full-screen slide control. For example, different page layout allows you to seperate the portfolio from the contacts page. It is also a topic willing to become an on-line storefront for a small fashion design or a business that does not have hundred of articles in the storefront.

Despite being a staple topic, UnPress is best used for an on-line fashion staple. Menus are something that will definitely attract your interest - they allow you to view the whole collection of miniature views as elements and are great for presenting fashion-related category. Would you like to buy clothing on-line?

Don't be afraid; UnPress Magazine is WooCommerce-enabled and will help you setup your own business. The StyleShop is poised to become your new on-line retailer where you can find everything that has to do with fashion (or anything that has nothing to do with it if you want). It looks very professionally and allows you to create a webshop that looks really good.

Even though the contents are kept within the box design, the design is fully reactive. There is a basic additional menue to the general menue that is used to display purchase category. When you are about to open your fashion shop, this topic is a must. When you want to differentiate yourself, you should look at this topic.

Gleam is specifically developed for fashion fans and provides a uniquely compelling consumer environment. Besides the full-screen wallpaper, which can also be changed manually (as shown in the demo), the topic provides an incredibly nice and easy menue. Today's WordPress topic is a great way to get your fashion business started.

Hey, that's even the name of the subject! With the slide control you can display your new or the most beloved articles quite simply. While there are several ways to emphasize things you are selling, this topic is not just about buying. Post your own blogs and opinions about fashion and of course show one or two galleries.

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