Fastest free Wordpress Theme

Quickest free Wordpress Theme

As you already know, a quick topic is important. The MagPlus is one of the fastest loading themes on the market today. The Zillah is a free, easy topic for modern blogs. Cannot judge speed quality by viewing a topic on a desktop screen - or a demo page. Fastest &

Search Engine optimized Responsive WordPress Theme.

Quickest free WordPress topics of 2018

As you already know, a quick topic is important. Velocity provides better Google ranking, better Facebook newsfeed ranking and better converting! We' ve analyzed the fastest free WordPress topics from 2018 for you. All of these topics come from the topic library and have been tested for encoding integrity and safety.

We have tried the 30 most beloved WordPress topics and analysed them for you. #1 is the fastest and #30 the slower topic on the roll. What WordPress topics are the fastest? Conspicuously, practically every topic achieves the same results for Time To First Byte. Some topics are missing, however.

However, if your most important request is velocity, you can ignore the topics activation, magazine point and kale. When we look at the full load time, we see strong distinctions. The fully charged time is correlated with the results of Google PageSpeed Insights. Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven's old standard motifs work well, as do Astra, OceanWP and Writee.

Google PageSpeed Insights for cell phones is particularly well rated by Sapely and Magazine Point. Well, then, it' s three times as quick as that! What did we do to test the topics? The topics were checked with the and Google PageSpeed Insights tool. These offer a good glimpse into the loading times of a website and possibilities for improvements in this respect.

Do you want to test the loading times of your website? In order to get the best view of the effects of the topic in relation to loading times and times to first bytes, we have disabled our server-side data storage by placing a no-cache headers. Google PageSpeed Score was computed without server-side data being cached.

The same WordPress install was used to test all topics. Is a WordPress 4.8.1 website with 100 news and 10 pages. The homepage was checked, this page showed 1 article. Choosing the best topic? Of course, quickness is an important consideration when choosing a topic, but certainly not the only one.

How these determinants are taken into consideration in your selection is explained in a white paper on choosing the right topic. Free white paper downloading!

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