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That obscure page was followed by the much more familiar one: there are several ways to inflate this code to make a page faster. Find and test which JS and CSS code is actually used on the site. These are the fastest web sites on the web today.

To have a slower website is to have a poor website. Mean end of life does not have a lot of tolerance for slower pages. Akamai and polls show that nearly half of web surfers anticipate that a website will download in 2 seconds or less. When it is not downloaded in 3 seconds, they are already on their way to another website.

Seventy-seven per cent of web-shoppers who have trouble with website performance say that they will not return to a website to buy again. Forty-four per cent of them say that they will tell their boyfriends to try to avoid badly functioning websites. The majority of locations do not manage to reach the mark. There'?s a lot of speed on the web. A few businesses recognize that a quick website means more cash.

But all too often even the fastest pages are not so quick. The Multi-Industry Web Performance 2016 State of the Union - Desktop Edition by Radware examined four industries: E-Commerce, Newspapers & Medias, Sport and Tourism & Hospitals, which are particularly dependent on web pages for their everyday money.

Generally, as you might have expected, e-commerce was the fastest. This does not mean that they were quick enough to satisfy them. Just 24 per cent of websites had speed of 3 seconds or less on ATI. The loading speed, the amount of loading speed needed to get all elements on a page, is less important than the speed of the loading.

So for example, while has a loading speed of 10. Nobody is questioning that Amazon is the most successfull e-commerce site in the United States. In fact, is the second fastest e-commerce site after Radware's index. Mercado Livre, a brasilian eBay owning market place, is the only one that is quicker.

Other top websites, with the exeption of Ikea, are also Amazon and eBay related websites. Consumers see contents as the main products of message and medium pages, although they certainly don't want to subscribe to the five fastest medium pages:

The Guardian, Russia's Yandex-Nachrichten, the Polish Onet Nachrichtenseite and the India Newsseite Rediff. In general, talking, the top intelligence and media locations have gloomy performances with an average TII of 4. 1 seconds, only 22 per cent of the locations breached the 3-second threshold. The guilty parties for slower websites in this categorie were too many pictures, often not optimized with these pictures, too many JavaScript requirements and too many inquiries from the servers in general, which led to time-consuming round tours.

Mean page sizes were 1.6MB with 97 views, while the slower page at 787 views was weighted with a resulting TTI of 7.7 seconds. 30 per cent of the websites evaluated received an "F" for compressing images on WebPagetest. org, only 8 per cent received an "A" as well.

Just as poor as new press pages were, so poor were the sporting venues. Just 6 per cent had a TII of less than 3 seconds, 34 per cent took at least twice the 3-second goal to charge. Mean TII was 5.2 seconds. In fact, only three venues had halfway good figures. Yalla-shoot, an Arabic-language football site;, a site that collects streaming football; and

With a TII of 2.9 seconds, the National Football League location was the fastest of the known locations. As a rule, the issues with sports pages are too many resorts per page, bigger pages and poor picture compaction. Travelling pages, such as e-commerce pages, were usually quicker. Fastest of the fastest here is Babt.

The much more famous followed this arcane passage: The fastest pages aren't that quick. Hospitaller venues had a mean TII of 4. 1 seconds, with 28 per cent counting the twice 3-second goal allotment. That'?s the terrible information. Good tidings are that it means that if you can set up a quick website in almost any business, you are likely to find new clients quickly.

Today's web site is just not quick enough for today's user, and you can use it to the benefit of your business.

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