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Here we show you the fastest loaded WordPress topics so that your website can impress your visitors. 52 fastest WordPress topics of the year 2018 If a website is loaded quickly, users are amazed and it is ranked well in results. However, if you want to run a high speed WordPress site, you will need a high speed WordPress theme. The majority of sites with lightening load times are based on a theme that is lightweight and versatile. Some of the best WordPress topics even remain quickly as you expand and expand your website over the years.

Getting a quick WP theme doesn't necessarily mean having to pay for something high. A number of fast-loading free WordPress topics are available that are listd here, along with fast-loading topics for wallpapers, journals, newspapers, blogging, business, e-commerce and more. When you want to be ahead of time, these super-fast WordPress topics are sure to have a few choices for your website.

We' ve used Pingdom as our Page Velocity ranker because it not only provides an overall score of 0-100, but also says how quickly the topic is loaded, how many reply keys it uses and even a table of contents sized by table of contents. Rather than being guided by the overall score, we decided to consider functions and reaction times as well.

Several of these topics are easy, which do not work for everyone. Not only have we sorted by who has super-fast WordPress topics, but we have also concentrated on quick topics that offer the most functionality demanded by the industry today. Although Scalia (92 power class) is equipped with Visual Composer and Videoslider, it loads in just 1.3 seconds.

WP topic is a good option for companies as they have some demonstrations in this area. It' s appropriately titled because it contains pretty much everything you want and charges extremely quickly, 1.85 seconds to be exact.

Comes with over 70 demonstrations and even includes favorite plug-ins like Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, a good option for those looking for quick WordPress topics that focus only on MEO. Comes with over six demonstrations and is a good option for an agent or marketing company.

In over 4 seconds, it charges due to its solid 4. Those who choose simpler contents should see this droplet, which contains a lot of utilities besides the Page Builder: Whilst Visual Composer is equipped with a variety of Widget's, Cornerstone provides a similar amount and is ideal for quicker load.

An astonishing topic received A's in almost every topic and only a single A for providing statistical contents. Featuring a full 9.8 megabytes of page space, no wonder it took over 4 seconds to load. is insane quick to load the demonstration page. There is a slide control with a few nice features and a defaultustomizer.

You can create a wallpaper for parallaxes or a portofolio without additional plug-ins, but we don't suggest this topic unless you want something easy, similar to the Gem, because it comes with demo and trows in Visual Composer and Slider Revolution. Demonstrations are restricted, but offer a few opportunities for business. is a trendy theme in the magazines that offers a ceramic tiles outfit.

She has a daring styling and is also a good choise for photographers, websites with many pictures and many other kinds of artist. There is also an sleek e-commerce store and many quick code stores. is a good option for those who want a default site that quickly downloads.

One long page took only 2.6 seconds to load and was 59% quicker than the other pages. It' a favorite option and is further developed by StudioPress, which is known for the development of the frameworks used in many quick WordPress topics. You have your own custom communities where you can easily find codes on how to change the theme at will.

Genesis also has custom plug-ins, utilities, children's topics and more developed with Genesis in mind. What's more, there's also a wide range of custom plug-ins, utilities, children's topics and more that have been developed with Genesis in mind. and more. Our guess is that the 4.28 second download could be shut down with fewer queries. Today, even portable gadgets can open a website with a videotape wallpaper, and quick topics are a good way to highlight yourself while quickly being loaded onto it.

But we think that this could be better if interrogator strings got away from statistical resources. and the properties it had incorporated, such as Animations, Service Section, etc. and 22 other premium topics. It even downloads with a camcorder wallpaper quicker than 50% of the other websites.

The theme also includes Templera and Essential Grid, a function that is unusual in most topics. Even though it got a B-note, we like the loading speed 2.29. The reduction of the 3 F's should help the overall score. Featuring many functions, this beloved theme on Envato is a good option for those who need it, and is not advised for those who need a basic website.

It has a carbon note, but is loaded in 2.07 seconds. It has, however, been designed for videotaping, so considering the overall load it performs, the score is actually better than anticipated. Taken rigorously for viewing your reviews, your contents will be arranged in a tidy manner so that you have the latest postings in top of the above folding contents features. Provides a tidy way of presenting contents for whole page, multi-column, blog and more websites. Has demonstrations for various companies, but also raises issues in community exchange as part of the theme.

Here are some of the best bonuses that there are for online and offline people - a good option for those who need a custom look. There are 2 column, brickwork, portfolios and others to select from. is a good option for newsgroups that want to get reader and editor reviews.

It would work well with the built-in slide control and the clean animation. Featuring no F's and only 1 CS, we believe that with a few changes the loading speed could be less than 3 seconds. I downloaded the slide control and the Visual Composer page. This site came in just a moment in 3 seconds, but we think that diminishing enquiries might be very helpful. It provides a great page design with clean little features on the hood, such as opening a light box. It is specially designed for electronic shops on the Internet, but would work well with others. As well as providing statics from a cookingless site would help. It provides many demonstrations, even restaurants or architecture, but its store demonstration left us with the most impression.

Came in over 3 seconds, but offers a number of slider controls (one with 7 slides) and lots of motion graphics that make up this loading turn. This theme is a good option for those who want a home page and a store on the page. Even small power handling features, such as activating llazy payload, downloads quickly and has many customized layout for those who want to view them.

Polaroid theme that provides many different themes, category, etc. theme is a good option for those who want a slide bar on their website as well as under the folding option. has over a dozen adjustments to adjust the design and is a great minimum theme.

Demonstration site downloads 9 high-quality pictures with full C-degree effect settings that are amazing to download in just 2.16 seconds. Featuring a wacky quick slide control, it's ideal for event use as it's capable of selling ticket, describing venue information, and even listing event information in a convenient little time line.

All your badges are displayed as a whole or by the type of badge of your choosing. This theme also offers stocks and similar choices. A fellowship of employer, potential employee and supervisor to evolve. is a good option for those who want to establish a venue for an organization such as a conference, fair, symposium, etc..

A stunning theme for restaurants, this theme loads your pictures into the above folded contents in less than 2 seconds. Provides a nice wallpaper of your palladium and has nice little features such as the possibility to make bookings on-line. The theme to get you started with the latest offerings shown in a Groupon-like style. The theme is all about you.

It' also a good option for blogs who are writing about cultures, fashions and related subjects. It is a nice little theme that allows you to offer your application for purchase, but it also works well with other individual items as it allows you to add your own songs, album, tours and more from your homepage.

Even though it takes only 1. 45 seconds to load, we believe that the removal of the 3 Fs gets its final score up to an A or B. Provides a easy blogsite for those who want to split their thoughts, build an on-line journal, etc. ý provides great choices for a free topic.

Home page alone has a slide control, hyperlinks, parentals, and more - which is probably the loading speed of 4.63 seconds. is a good option for those who want a headers picture, blogs posts/previews, and a custom side bar. The theme was developed especially for its eponym, .

Loads 4 megabytes, which probably makes up the 3.8 seconds charging period. Theme features in his customized version. The homepage with the quickly downloaded slide control even provides many features and a good download for a free design. It is a good paraallax, a page theme, although it seems that you can do more than just adding.

He has a great loading schedule, but taking off his 4 Fs would increase his overall score. Proteus' friends' GrowthPress theme is one of the best topics in the business. Google Pagespeed Insights also does very well with this bonuses theme. Quick WordPress theme is a good concept no matter what your website is used for.

The page velocity is important for the optimization of your site and helps you to move up in the ranking and to keep your page rebound away from your users who do not have the necessary amount of space to download your page. For help accelerating your WordPress page or any other related problem, please feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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