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Avanda is the best-selling WordPress theme of all time - at least on the bustling ThemeForest marketplace. It is also one of the fastest WordPress themes available today. The Top 5 fastest loaded WordPress Themes 2018 (Free & Paid Themes)

It' s not good for your website to get a lot of Traffic - if most folks have to sit around forever waiting for it to get loaded and then out of disappointment click the back-key. Otherwise, all the elapsed amount of your precious resources and your spending on creating your own website will be a complete waste. If the page tempo of your website is good, then most of your users will press the back key and never come back.

Later in this section you will find out that the topic of your WordPress page has a big influence on the performance of your website. Select a slower WordPress theme and your website will be slower than a slug. So if you want more folks to remain on your website and converse (sell or subscribe), you need a quicker website Here's what you'll be learning in this post:

Which is the fastest WordPress topic? It' definitely not the Avada theme. The Avada is slowly charging, in my test it was 8. Six seconds to charging. Your web hosting has a huge influence on the download speed of your WordPress theme. The GeneratePress (thème gratuit et premium), Astra (thème gratuit et premium), Schema (thème premium) et OceanWP Poker (thème gratuit et premium) sont tous chargés.

Let's begin by trying to explain why it's so important to quickly download a WordPress theme. KissMetrics says if your site needs more than 3 seconds to download, 40% of your site users will exit. Not only do you loose your earnings when your website is abandoned, you also loose all the cash and effort you have put into attracting visitor to it.

If you want to get to the first page of Google and remain there, you need a website that downloads quickly.

Also, if you want to turn more traffic into clients or subscription, your website needs to be uploaded quickly. When you want your website to quickly download and rank first in searchengine results, you need a WordPress theme that is fully optimised for performance. Your WordPress theme will have a big influence on how quickly your website is loaded.

When your site is designed to provide all the features under the stars, inflated with scripting and resource and delivered with a lot of low grade coding, the performance of your site will be compromised. When your website is not designed with your website's performance in mind, what you're doing to increase your website's performance will not show. If you' re looking for WordPress topics on Google, you'll find a dozen or so topics that look great and have a great look.

You can see how appealing the look is or how awesome the look looks, but what you can't see is the coding behind the outline. Most WordPress topics are poorly encoded and are inflated with tens of resource (images etc.) that can slower your website.

The majority of WorldPress theme creators will call from their roofs that all their designs are optimised for performance. However, here is the sincere truth: most topics in WorldPress are not optimised for performance at all. Indeed, most WorldPress topics do not even adhere to the WorldPress Community Coding Standard. Every issue that does not meet these requirements can and will become susceptible to hacking over the years.

The purpose of these encoding defaults is to ensure that topics are encoded in such a way that they function effectively and are not susceptible to hacking. What can I do to test the download times of WordPress-topics? The only way to find out if a design is optimised for performance - if you haven't bought the design yet, or if you're not the designer's designer - is to test the download speeds of the WordPress design demonstration site.

In order to test the performance of a WordPress demonstration site, please go to GTMetrix, type in the site address and click Send. It will take the utility a few seconds to test the site, then it will show you the number of seconds it needs to download the site. When loading the demonstration site lasts more than 5 seconds, this is the amount of your website will take to download with this WordPress sample.

A few research shows that you may only have four seconds before a web visitor continues, so you have very little chance to make a good first experience. What is the most precise way to forecast the loading times of WordPress topics? The use of 5 seconds or less is a good yardstick, but only considering the real loading times of a theme demonstration is not the most precise way to check how quickly the design actually is.

One better way to determine the pace of a topic is to look at the overall page dimensions and the number of queries needed to download the page. Regardless of which web host the theme owners are using, these meetrics are independent. The fewer queries for ressources (JavaScript, HTML, pictures, CSS-file, etc.), the smaller the overall page sizes and the quicker the loading is.

Here is an example of what it would look like using Avada as an example (the sales theme number one on Themeforest is - but it's by no means the fastest). Avada demos page is loading very slowly: The loading of Avada is 8.6 seconds. When GTMetrix shows that a demonstration will take more than 5 seconds to download, the design will probably slower your website and probably not be the best for you.

Your WordPress page theme will have a big influence on the performance of your website. However, the web site you are using is likely to have as much effect as the theme of your website. But if you hosted your website on a bad webhosting service, you will get bad results in relation to the website performance.

When you want your website to download quickly and be available at all time, you should choose SiteGround. It is my first option when it comes to WordPress web site hosted service. Knowing how hard it can be to go through the thousand of free and high quality WordPress topics and find the right one for your website now.

Which is the fastest topic in Worldpress? So below I have put together a listing of the 3 fastest uploading topics for WorldPress in 2018. These are all easy Wordprocessor topics that come with good looking codes to help accelerate your Wordprocessor page. The GeneratePress is a nice, easy design for WorldPress. There is both a free and a free edition, but the pay edition has many other useful functions.

The GeneratePress is a multi-purpose theme and is fully customizable so you can use it to build any type of website. There are over 500 5-star reviews for this topic in the WordPress Topics Directory. GeneratePress Preview ($49.95) has a lightweight, feature-rich platform that allows you to deactivate functions you don't want to use.

You have 15 cartridges that allow you to use the design's capabilities, and you can enable/disable the cartridges that you don't use to make sure they don't put any additional weight on your website. Our module based design allows you to increase the performance of your website all by yourself. Whilst the free theme comes with tens of fantastic functions, the free theme contains just about everything you can expect from a WordPress theme.

As an example, the WooCommerce edition supports WooCommerce, you can make changes to your type faces, style and color and create your own section in your pages. Premier Edition offers lifelong use, 1 year of update & technical assistance and a 30-day unlimited return policy if you are not satisfied.

How about that tempo? The GeneratePress is a quick charging WordPress theme in order, the demosite downloads in just over 1 second! The GeneratePress is the fastest download rate I've ever tried. I' ve seriously thought about switching to GeneratePress across all my locations (including this one). When you want your WordPress site to download at lightening speeds, GeneratePress is the topic you're looking for.

This topic is suitable for translating so that you can effortlessly transfer it into several different foreign-language versions. It' s easy frame makes loading your website ultra-quick. Delivered with full WordPress Theme Customizer assistance, so you can make changes to your website without having to write a line of coding.

Velocity: GeneratePress is a quick load, reactive, light (less than 1 Mb zipped ) and simple to use WordPress theme that can be downloaded for free. It is also one of the top ranked topics on GenereratePress Premium 1. The 6th largest upgrade is without question the publication of GeneratePressites. They are pre-built, breathtaking and quick to load websites that you can easily export to give you a competitive edge in creating a new website.

As soon as you have purchased your copy of our software and purchased Premium 1. 6 you can find the GeneratePress Sites in Appearance > GeneratePress > Sites. The GeneratePress Sites come with all GeneratePress Premier features and demonstration contents. At the moment there are over 20 GeneratePress pages to select from, but more will come and they will ship to your dashboard automaticly.

Another great thing about GeneratePress is that you can create and distribute your own GeneratePress pages because they are really quick to import, distribute and use. The Astra is a light, quick, page creator-friendly WordPress theme developed by Brainstorm Force. The Astra is a serious competitor of GeneratePress. The Astra is a customisable design that is very intuitive to use and manage, making your website creation so much simpler.

Astra is also one of the fastest charging topics on the market. And I should also say that Astra is 100% free to use! However, you can enhance Astra with inexpensive add-ons that expand the scope for adaptation. It is a design that is designed for lateral velocity.

Charges in less than half a second. It is also performance-optimized and feather-light as it requires less than 50 KB of resource to be loaded. When you' re looking for a WordPress theme that is quick, stylish and customisable, you can't and shouldn't miss it. WordPress theme is free but as I said before, you can use it with adds that give you burdens more extended functions.

Addon $59 is a plug-in that enhances the free design of your own version of our software and provides additional functions. Included in the $249 bundle is the complete website and all the plug-ins used to create it. Velocity: is a WordPress theme that is quick, stylish, customizable, supportive, and interoperable with most popular page building sites.

The Astra can be downloaded for free. It is also one of the fastest topics as it requires less than 50KB of resource. MyThemeShop schema is another light WordPress theme. It' a great topic for the creation of any kind of blogs. The topic includes built-in reviewer assistance that helps you build nice looking reviewer pages.

It may not be as quick a topic as GeneratePress, but to underestimate what this topic can do for you would be a flaw. The design includes everything you need to run a blogs. How about that tempo? Schema is a quick load WordPress theme? With this design you can build a multi-lingual website.

Velocity: Schema is one of the fastest uploading WordPress topics on the web. OceansWP is a 100% FREE multipurpose WordPress theme that lets you create nice web pages with WordPress. Lecocq Nicolas is the originator and you can get the theme here. It' all about ease of use at OceanWP and you can easily get ready-to-use demonstration pages with a click using the free Importer Expansion.

Free edition comes with 7 free enhancements, but oceanWP also comes with 11 free enhancements that allow you to expand the theme further. Either buy them separately from $9.99 each or get the $39 free upgrade package for a standalone licence with these free upgrades: for a standalone licence.

Does the OceanWP have one of the fastest WordPress topics? Velocity: The OceanWP is a quick charging and light multi-purpose WordPress theme that comes with ready-to-use layouts. Now you can expand the theme by buying a number of additional WordPress features, and here is another 100% free WordPress theme for you:

Contrary to the other topics in this articles skins is a totally free (and quick download) WordPress topic. Whilst it may not have as many functions as the other two topics, it comes with tens of functions. The design is also WooCommerce compliant, so you can use it to launch an eCommerce site.

Fully supports WordPress Theme Customizer. Velocity: I sincerely hope your posting in this forum has given you a better understanding of the influence that the topic you are using can have on the velocity of your WordPress page. The topics I've discussed here are all quick to respond and provide a dozen of customizations. Of these three, my preferred WordPress submission is GeneratePress.

It' the fastest design with so many functions I've ever tried. Well, if you asked me the quickest WordPress topic, what is it? I' d say GeneratePress without a doubt. Well, I don't know.

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