Father Christmas App

Santa Claus App

Amaze your children at Christmas by requesting a free personal call from Santa Claus! The app does not offer any actual call or text functionality. An easy and easy-to-use app that can be used as a disciplinary aid for small children. Create Christmas magic with a personalized message from Santa Claus!

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Get our fantastic Santa / Santa Claus applications. Voice mail for Santa. Listen to what they asked Santa. Playing some cheerful celebratory catchphrases. reading other news & answers. these troublesome ads. The Santa Radio is straight from the app. Humorous slogans and slogans that keep the children happy. It' great Christmas joy, just let Santa Claus do the talk.

Or try our other fantastic free festal applications. New breathtaking 4K Apple TV. No hassle with advertising. Send a face-to-face note to your kid. Send your kids via e-mail or via online intimacy. Send yours if it's absent. No hassle with advertising. Best Christmas tune. Playing the Sleeps to Santa tune, just hit Santa's Face. your tweet page. a long singing with Santa. no foolish nonsensical ads. if your kid should be there. ring tones and text warnings.

Have your kid write a note. You tell Santa how good they are. Straight from the app. There'?s no pop-ups or ads. Santa text and Santa's car messenger answer. with Santa. Observe how he responds. Answer with fun replies. Look what Santa says back. are made by Santa Auto-Bot. Also directly from the app. with a little Christmas wizard.

Ideal for all age groups over Christmas. It is 100% free and contains no tiresome ads.

You can call Santa Claus on 1-319-527-2680 -

Santa's hotline is back! And, as many children all over the state know, the Christmas dawn count has started. Simply rally around these children, grandchildren, nieces, cousins, boyfriends and neighbours to call Santa's telephone number 1-319-527-2680 and turn on the loudspeaker so everyone can listen. That' what the Christmas hotline is about.

From our families to yours, Merry Christmas and Merry Holidays to everyone!

Santa Claus news - telephone call, voice mail & text

Surprise your kids at Christmas by getting a free personal call from Santa! Use this app together with your kids to promote good behavior throughout the year! When you don't listen to audio during a call, make sure that the button on the side of your unit is not muted, and also make sure that your audio level is increased.

Call and text messaging are modeled. "The " From Santa Company " and the Megaphon logos are Net Unlimited brands.

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