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A gallery curated by VictoriaOnAir. FeaturesPics Review On my journeys I find more and more microphone stick sites that other folks use that I don't have. Which better way to check and track the stick photographic sites I've considered than writing a blogs posting describing my results in detail? It'?s FeaturePics.

FeaturesPics have Google Ads on their website! So why should a winning website have to monetise its visitor flow in this way when it leads its users away from its own website?

Your forums have 1,614 members, but only 379 postings. This is a bizarre equilibrium. Regardless of whether they contribute to the forums or not, I assume that registrated website visitors are already logged into the forums as such. This indicates that the site has only 1,614 members, probably divided between buyer and seller.

It is our expertise in working with low profile sites and low volume site visits that makes the purchase process so difficult. They can' t expand until performer artwork are uploaded, but location's no turning on skin for performer until you're achiever. We will continue to monitor the FeaturePics site and its stats, and if they breach, we will consider it again.

At the moment FeaturePics is not yet there for us.


The Featurepics team recently modified its licensing model by reducing licensing fees for new firmware upgrades and allowed only publishers of MIDI stock pictures to determine their own licensing fees. Up to now it was possible to define the cost for all up-loads. Like other websites (Snapvillage, etc.) that allow user-defined rates, this creates irritation not only for users, but also for those who may not be accustomed to fixing a rate for their work or rating it well.

Fees are very good, you take 50% of the sales amount, 60% and 70% option for high-end pictures from the middlestock area. It costs $5 (for our typically 1200x1600), not the best value for the purchaser (lower resolutions from $1 possible), but a great fee for the professional.

Medium types (in additional to the RF screens): Costs for a default picture (1600x1200) ca. 2MP: License fee:

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