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You can follow or contribute to the X-Force URL report for sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] Singles File was a Westminster, Colorado group. Having achieved great results locally, the label contracted the group to Reprise Records in 2006. What a difference a year makes to a single file.

The Denver Post, July 5, 2007. Access on 14 September 2007. 27 September 2007. Access on 4 October 2007.

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sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

The Rank and File was an US Punkrock group founded in 1981 in Austin, Texas by Chip Kinman and Tony Kinman, a brother couple who were members of the promising Californian group The Dils. At the forefront of blending raw musicality and Do It Yourself practicality with the styles and ambiance of countryside and westerns, the group helped build a sub-genre called crowpunk.

Following the release of three records, the group ended in 1987. Two of them were published on the well-known Los Angeles-based Slash Records and a third on the fancy, retro-oriented Rhino Records. Sundown, the band's début record, was published on Slash Records in June 1982. As the Kinmans continued to hold their own individual politics, they saw their new group as a more enjoyable break from the intense nature of hard-core punks by adopting the tone and culture of countrymusic, albeit with a post-punk shoot.

Speaking in an 1986 Flipside newspaper review, bass player Tony Kinman stressed the band's readiness to break down style bias and become a trendsetter: T he last thing you could like when you were wearing a cowboy cap was countrymusic, you were a hillbilly, you know, we agreed to say: "Yes, we are playing countrymusic, it is a lot of pleasure.

Cowboy Nation, who published their début on Shock Record from Australia in January 1997, returned to the crank punk sub-genre. In 2018 the Kinman brother met again for Chips new Ford Madox Ford group. Ford Madox Ford's début record "This American Blues", which will be published by Porterhouse Record, includes a vocal and guitarist by Chipt, a bassist by Matt Littell, a drummer by S. Scott Aguero, a guitarist by Dewey Peak and a guitarist by Tony Kinman.

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