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Complimentary books to read and review (USA only) Find books by period, setting, and subject. Read similar suggestions from book and author. Booking club discussions. and much more! What happens when you finish this perfect book just to look on your shelf and find that you don't have any new books to read?

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You have a favourite book by Eric Carle? There are 50 marvelous Eric Carle children's and preschoolers' hands. Feb is a great month for a few thematic house school days. Here's a selection of the best ones. You' ll love these ledgers and units study-- The best and most inspiring children's book from STM. Contained is a listing of the best quality children's textbooks for all age groups.

Ideal for a DAMPF and STAR syllabus or for promoting a child's mathematical and technical development while home scholar. Get your offspring ready for your families' holidays, take them abroad with these children's holiday guides, inform them about different lands and culture. Join your infant or preschooler in celebrating St. Patrick's Days with some of these funny St. Patrick's Night St. Patrick's Week St. Patrick's Night stories with these beautiful bi-lingual folk tales from all over the globe, and find out more about why folk tales and tales are such great educational materials!

That BIG OVERALL listing of textbooks, to include the first class days, reading clouds at class size, making friend and more. Board Halloween Book for Toddlers (+ a FREE Halloween Learning Unit!)

Find children's diction by theme/topic

Looking for great novels for my little ones, I've learned a little where to turn for dependable advice on children's novels, especially literary work. Another special feature of my search is that I usually search for a book on a certain subject or with a certain subject (and not e.g. by age).

On this page I have put together some of the methods/pages I use on a regular basis when I want to find a great book of fictions for my children on a particular theme. Hopefully you will find the above listed useful! My Amazon is searched with catchwords (e.g. "owl") and then restricted by typ (e.g. children's literature > Belletristik or children's literature > age 5-8 years).

Next, I grade the results by average customer rating (on the right side of the page) to see which 4 or 5 star book is ranked. When I don't get a score that I like the look of uk, I often try, because the children's literature that is loved on one side of the lake is often quite different from that on the other.....

I' m looking in the award-winning children's literary data base. As soon as you have entered the page, you can browse the data base by keyword (or many other keywords, such as readers' ages, formats or languages). The beauty of this quest is that all the enumerated works have won some kind of award, so the overall picture is high and the data base contains a lot of older works that you won't necessarily find at Amazon.

I' m using Google - I'm looking for " great kid's book about X" or " best kid's book about X". Amazon/Barnes and Noble etc link will appear, but I incline to jump over them and look for review in papers or on web sites and blog's dealing with them.

To exclude hyperlinks to large bookshops, simply include "-Amazon" or "-Amazon -Barnes - water stones" etc. in your request, i.e. "large children's book about owl Amazon" - in this way all hyperlinks to URLs containing the words Amazon (or water stones etc.) will be removed from the return page.

I' m seeing what the Children's Picture Book Databases are doing at Miami University. While you will be prompted to provide your zip code, this is not necessary to finish the query (however, if you are in the USA, please provide your zip code - the creator of this data base has let me know how important this information is when requesting funding for service) - you can simply provide your code or perform an extended query.

The thing I like about this data base is that it produces a book that doesn't necessarily have your catchword in the book titles, but has it in the (librarian) summary. The thing I don't like about the start page keyboard is that it sometimes produces a book that contains words with the sub string of the keywords you type - for example, when I searched for "owls" I got a few book about cowboys because the term "howl" was abstracted!

Instead, if you want to prevent this from happening, use the "Browse Database" icon at the top right - this will give you excellent and precise results. A few results are linked to sites that are important to your library, so pay attention to them. I' m looking in the bibliographic data base of the Helpful Books/Helping Families Program.

It contains "children's literary works, both literary and non-fiction, dealing with themes focusing on ethics and personality questions of relevance to youngsters. "So not a page to search for a book about the owl, but great if I want a book that researches sympathy, grand parents or a ritual for example.

Using listings put together by library professionals around the globe - library booklists. org has an award-winning children's section, with theme related hyperlinks to many different listings created by library professionals. Other useful listings by subjects created by library staff can be found in the Monroe County Public Library, the University of Calgary (scroll down to subjects bibliographies), and the Boston Public Library (scroll down to books by subjects).

Bibliothèque Thing is an on-line book catalog in which anyone in the general community can post and evaluate their own book by uploading it. You can use the Bibliothèque Thing query page to find a book with a tag (i.e. keyword), e.g. I entered "owls, storybooks " and created a listing of over 200 of them.

Then I can optimize this by going to the right side of my results page where there is a section named "Related tagmashes". You will find here hyperlinks to similarly keyed volumes (e.g. "Children's literature, owls"). Personally I like Library Thing for 2 main reason (1), a review is given for most titles in it - a review that is often backed by the inputs of literary enthusiasts often thousands of individuals.

That means I have a tendency to rely on the evaluation of a book, so my end results are quite dependable. 2 ) The tag (keywords) added to the book is not necessarily associated with the book titles, so you can find a book you wouldn't find, e.g. via Amazon, where the searching is done using words in the book titles.

On a regular basis I attend Anastasia Suen's 5 Great Book blogs. Like Anastasia herself says: "The aim of this blogs is to make themed book listings available to kids who learn to read", and once a month you'll find a new 5 book listing for younger kids on a specific subject (current themes are Thanksgiving, Turkeys, Pumpkins, Cats and Spiders).

Sorry, but it is not possible to see a complete listing of all the subjects discussed, but there is a searching feature that will produce every reference to the keywords you have entered. I was looking, for example, for "owls" and although they did not appear as a subject themselves, I was referred to a book with them in the lunar book listing.

The Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site is full of delicacy. Carol himself says, "this is a compilation of great children's book review, idea for using them in the classroom, libraries of book and activity materials on specific subject areas, syllabus areas, topics, and career issues. "The page devoted to issues and other issues is the most useful from my point of view - it contains an alphabetic listing of issues such as farmhouses, a quilt and a train.

Even though the subject listing is not complete, if the subject you are looking for is included, you will find a goldmine - a review of many novels on the subject, with an indicator of the likely ages of readers. Subject Access to Children's Picture Book by Carolyn W. Lima and John A. Lima sound like a great book to find children's fictions by theme.

Sadly it is not available in my own public librarianship system and for almost 50 it is not a book I purchased for myself, but if you have used it please let me know what you think of it. It also looks like a very useful guide for children's printed literature, but this is also something to keep in mind in librarians as the latest issue (2005) is sold for £170!

The Alice Trupe Thematic Guide to Young Adult Books looks as if it would be useful for reading a book on topics relevant to young people. There is a long line of other book chapters in the Sacramento State University Library that may be useful when searching for children's and subject poems, but I haven't used any of them myself (if so, please let me know what you think of them).

The California Ministry of Education has a researchable on-line data base with the heading "Outstanding reading for kids and teens in kindergartens up to 12". Find keywords and limit your results to either literary or even sub-genre content such as dramatic or sci-fi. Occasionally elements are returning that do not seem to fit your query requirements (sometimes this is because a term in the book abstract contains a string of substrings that fits your catchword, e.g. abstract contains "Mudge", but the catchword is "mud"), but this is a useful data base because it contains only high value references and provides results where your catchword is not in the book header, but in the abstract of the given book.

Besides asking your library staff for advice, other good folks who ask for book proposals are teacher, home students and other mothers. Below is a listing of groups from yeahoo about home schooling, and here is one for educators of youngsters. As soon as you join such a group, you can make a book suggestion inquiry.

Meanwhile, teaching with pictures has a large collection of works of reference available for pictures that I would strongly recommend. Do you have any ideas where else we can look for great children's literature (fiction) by topic, please post a review or send me an e-mail (zoe (dot) atft ( at ) Kuvik (dot) net).

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